Butterfly Garden

I have been busy lately helping with creating a butterfly garden for a golf course community.

Actually, I had originally designed and planted this large garden over 10 years ago as a hummingbird garden (during my time there as a horticulturist).  It turned out great and was one of my favorite projects.

I was thrilled to be asked to create a new design for this area so that it would attract both hummingbirds and butterflies.

I can't wait to share the before and after photos with you in a few days.

One of the favorite things the kids and I did was to raise butterflies together. 

I'm not sure what was the most exciting part.....

- Seeing the caterpillars create their chrysalis
- Seeing them emerge
- Releasing them into our garden.

American Beauty Butterfly

Anyone can do it and kits are available online.

I blogged about our experience and you can read them here....

"Surprise For My Daughter"

"Moving Day for Caterpillars"

"Beauty Emerges"

"Ready to Fly Away"


On a personal note....life is slowly getting back to normal since our home flooded.

We got new carpeting today, courtesy of our homeowner's insurance.  

I just need to move everything back inside ;-)


Ian said...

Love the butterfly photos and a great idea to design a garden to attract them.

Darla said...

Get out of here! I did not know your home flooded. I am so sorry to read this. I pray you didn't lose anything of value. Looking forward to seeing your new project.

andrea/igardendaily.com said...

Hi there! So sorry to hear your home flooded...that is really unfortunate. Our flooded one time to so I know it is difficult.

On a separate note I am nominating you for the Versatile Blogger Award! Check out my site to learn about all of the details. I don't know if you are familiar with this award already but I really like your blog and wanted to show it! Thanks for always sharing your great ideas and projects! Best, Andrea

Carol said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Carol said...

Hi Noelle, I too am so sorry to learn of your flood. Best of luck getting things back in order. I love the beautiful shots of the Pipevine Swallowtail and what looks like America"Painted' Lady. Sounds like meaningful work designing a butterfly/hummer garden. I hope the golf course does not use pesticides. I am sure you would alert them on that issue, for it would kill the caterpillars and butterflies they are trying to attract. Wonderful portrait of you on your sidebar. I hope you and your sweet family are all well. Carol


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