A Family Heirloom, Some TLC and Paint

This week has been rather uneventful.  Of course, it's hot and we are spending more time indoors then out.

My husband however, has had plenty of projects that are keeping him busy.  He seems to enjoy having a 'to-do' list and since some of his to-do's are things for me in the garden - I am a very lucky woman.

Earlier this week, he finished a project that he has been working on a long time for me.

These drawers come from a dresser that was made by my great-great grandfather, in the 1800's.  He was not a furniture maker - he was a doctor in Missouri.

Now, I don't know what the original color was of the dresser, but my mother painted it orange back in the 1970's.

The dresser has seen better days and needed some wood repair and thankfully, my husband is very good at woodworking.

You can tell that my great-great grandfather wasn't a master furniture maker by looking at the simple dovetails above.

But, that makes this piece of furniture even more special to me.  Because he made this dresser for his daughter (my great-grandmother) even though he didn't excel at woodworking.

Well, I am not a fan of orange and it is no longer 1970, so I couldn't wait for my husband to fix the dresser so that we could paint it.

Finally, it was time to paint.  Although I had dreams of painting it a pale green or robin's egg blue - we decided on painting it a light cream color that will stand the test of time and its color trends.

I wish that my camera had a 'skinny' button.  BUT, I do have photo editing software, which allows me to crop off any parts of me that stick out too far in pictures - like my rear end ;-)

It felt so good to cover up that bright orange paint ;-)

I could almost picture it finished at this point.

I love how it turned out.  
You can see the little finials at the top of each edge and the keyholes in each drawer.

I'm not sure where its final place will be in my house, but for right now - in front of the dining room window works okay.

Do you have any old pieces of furniture?

Have you renovated it?
is it waiting for a little attention?


FlowerLady said...

That is a sweet family, historical piece. One made with love and I think he did a fantastic job. Seeing dovetails always is good, not matter how simple they are. Do you have any idea as to what kind of wood it is?

Enjoy this heirloom. It looks lovely in your home.

What a neat picture of you painting. And look at the floral tat on your foot.

Have a great weekend and keep cool.


A Daughter of the King said...

Noelle, It is lovely and so are you! Hint: I have a few really old pieces like this. My mom attached index cards to the back or bottom of them to tell about their history. It helps succeeding generations to remember...

Balisha said...

Our dining room set was antiqued a dark green in the 70's. We later stripped it and found a beautiful mahogany underneath.
Love your piece of furniture..so special because a family member made it. A treasure for sure.

Patti said...

Noelle, it is so special to have family furniture passed down from generation to generation that was actually made by an ancestor.

I have been researching early St. Louis for about 20 years, and am intrigued as to whether your gg grandfather practiced there and was among some of those men I've researched.

Hope your children and grandchildren enjoy this family treasure.

Noelle said...


Patti - my grandfather served as the Bass County coroner and practiced medicine in Leesville Township. I believe that my great-grandmother went to medical school in St. Louis though.

Flowerlady - I always appreciate your comments so much. You are the first to mention my floral tat. It is made up of 5 flowers representing my five kids - 4 pink flowers and 1 blue flower (for my son).

I can just imagine how beautiful your diningroom set is. I do remember green paint being somewhat popular years ago ;-)

Becky - I love the index card idea. I need to make some for my other old family heirlooms as well :-)



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