I have some confessions to make....

- I am not a neat gardener, my garden has a messy, carefree look to it.

- I like low-maintenance plants that don't need a lot of attention from me, as long as they look beautiful.

- I would rather be inside during a summer day, enjoying the comforts of my air-conditioner, instead of outside in the garden in the heat.

- I don't always prune my plants at the right time of year.  I am more of a "Do as I say, not as I do" person. 

- I am a horticulturist who sometimes wears nail polish.

- I am a Certified Arborist who does not climb trees, I tell people how to prune them instead.

- I don't have a lot of cactus in my garden.

- I have a floppy hat that I wear when gardening that my daughters wouldn't be caught dead wearing.

-I hate cleaning up after myself when I finish pruning, so I bribe my kids to do it instead.

So, that is about me and my life as a horticulturist, writer with the occasional recipe and DIY project.  My passion for plants makes me happy and I love nothing more then to help people learn how to grow beautiful plants that thrive in our desert climate.

"Gardening in the desert isn't's just different."


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