Landscape Consultation Services

My name is Noelle Johnson and I'm passionate about gardening.  I have worked as a horticulturist, certified arborist, landscape designer and consultant for over 17 years in the Arizona.

Whether you have just moved to the desert and have no idea what you are doing or maybe a long time resident and need some assistance with your existing landscape... I can help.

A consultation not only helps you to have to achieve an attractive, low maintenance garden, but can save you money by suggesting appropriate plants, placement and maintenance scheduling.

Most people over-prune, over-water and over-fertilize when their plants don't need it.  In addition, they have plants that struggle to survive in our hot, arid climate and often waste money buying trees and plants in larger sizes from the nursery when smaller sizes will work just as well.

The focus of my consultations are to help people create functional, outdoor spaces using beautiful, low-maintenance plants that thrive in our arid climate. Guidelines on pruning and watering are also covered in addition to new plant suggestions and placement.


BASIC CONSULTATION: I visit your current landscape and we do a walk through discussing what your goals are: low-maintenance, color, attracting wildlife, more interest, etc.  Verbal recommendations for new plants and their placement along with plant removals, pruning and watering guidelines will be covered.  I will also help you learn how to care for your existing plants and identify any potential problems.  Irrigation guidelines are also included. $225

CONSULTATION WITH PHOTO DESIGN, PLANT LIST AND WRITTEN GUIDELINES: I will prepare a detailed, written report from our meeting together with all of my recommendations including a photo landscape designa custom plant list complete with photos and recommended sizes along with detailed pruning, watering and fertilizing guidelines.  

The recommendations in the written report can be implemented by you or the lanscaper or your choice.  I can also refer you to a landscaper who will implement the recommended changes, if desired. $450

*Fees are higher for properties larger than 1/3 of an acre - contact me for an estimate.

I will re-visit your garden and make verbal suggestions for any 'tweaking' needed including any recommended changes in maintenance, plant replacement, etc. $150

NEW LANDSCAPE DESIGNS - Do you have a brand new landscape plan, but aren't thrilled with the plants recommended?  I will work with your existing plan to create a design using plants to compliment your hardscape.  Plants will be selected based on their ability to thrive in our climate while adding beauty to your outdoor space.  Price is dependent on the size of the project.  

Payment is due at time of service.  I accept cash, check and credit cards.

I currently work with golf courses and HOA's providing consulting services, including creating custom plant palettes (filled with attractive, drought tolerant and low maintenance plants) in addition to recommended maintenance guidelines, (which decrease unneeded maintenance while increasing the beauty of formerly, over pruned plants).  Other services are available, please contact me for further details.  Past clients have included the Golf Course at Eagle Mountain, Rio Verde Country Club and Sun City.

I offer consulting services in the greater Phoenix metropolitan area and in Tucson.  

Please email me to set up a consultation -

I look forward to working with you.

- "We want to thank you for coming out to meet with us concerning our lack of wisdom on Arizona plants and how to care for them.  After meeting with you and all your wonderful information on plantings that will enhance our landscape, we are so excited to start on the project.  Thank you for helping us with our trees, we knew they needed help but just did not trust ourselves or a landscaper to do the right thing." Lyn & Lynda L. (Peoria)

- "My husband and I bought a house earlier this year. What attracted us to the house was its serene Zen-like desert landscaping, which later we found out Noelle designed. We recently did a basic consultation with Noelle to learn more about the plants and how to maintain them. She is a fountain of knowledge about how to get plants to thrive in our harsh climate. She identified all of the 35 plus plants in the yard and patiently and clearly explained how to water, prune and otherwise care from them. Noelle is also a landscape artist. She had great ideas about plants to add that would develop the yard's texture and color." Deirdre P. (Ahwatukee)

- "I learned so much from you while you were here and now I'm more excited about my garden and its future. I've started the work you suggested and now that I know what I'm doing, I'm enjoying it tremendously." Miki H. (Buckeye)

- "I can't sing your praises enough!  I am so excited about all of your suggestions."  Linda P. (Phoenix)

- "It was so nice to meet you.  Your advice was useful and I know will help us create the yard we look forward to.  The notes were perfect.  Thanks again."  Karen B. (Surprise) 

- "Noelle, thank you for the great information. Your visits and reports were exactly what I hoped for - I now have confidence that I can take care of my yard and plants."  Meg C. (Tempe)


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