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March in the Desert

I didn't grow up with a green thumb.  I spent much of my youth on the California beach trying to get a tan (I didn't have too much success with my fair skin and freckles).   I didn't start to get really interested in gardening until my husband and I moved into our first home.  

It was an older home with lots of old rose bushes, a large lawn, California Fan Palms and citrus trees.  I was eager to start planting even more plants and perused plant catalogs and put in my orders.  I was surprised when most of what I had planted, died.  I didn't know why, so I decided to check out some gardening books at our local library.  I soon realized that I had planted the wrong type of plants for the desert garden.  But, the books also opened up for me a new world of what beautiful plants that would thrive in our dry climate.  It didn't take long for me to become hooked on gardening....

I received my degree in Urban Horticulture from Arizona State University.  During that time, I interned at the Water Conservation Office for the City of Mesa.  After graduation, I began working as a horticulturist right way for a golf course management company and later managing the landscape areas of an adult community.

During my time working with golf courses, I earned my ISA Certified Arborist certification.  I don't climb in the trees, but I do instruct people on how to care for their them ;-)

I am a freelance garden writer and I have written content for the Tractor Supply Company, Cool Springs PressGreenland Gardener and 202 Magazine.  My articles gardening have also appeared in newspapers, magazines and monthly newsletters.   I am currently the garden blogger for the Reader Digest's publication, Birds&Blooms magazine and the Southwest regional writer for  I also currently write gardening content for Troy-Bilt.

My "How-To" gardening videos have appeared on, which include subjects such as "How to start seeds indoors", "How to start a vegetable garden",  "How to plant an herb container" among others.

I have worked as a landscape designer for a major landscape design and install company and worked primarily with major home builders, spending time with new home buyers and helping them to realize their goals for their new landscapes.

Speaking engagements are always enjoyable and I have spoken on a myriad of subjects including, "Gardening in the Desert Southwest", "Hummingbird & Butterfly Gardening", "Raising Citrus", "Firewise Landscaping", "Beautiful, Low-Maintenance Gardening" and "Vegetable Gardening for Beginners".

Throughout my entire career as a horticulturist, I have worked as a landscape/garden consultant.  I have enjoyed meeting with homeowners, golf course superintendents, churches, property managers, landscape maintenance companies as well as community associations and helping them to achieve their goals for their landscapes.


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