After a long, hot and wet summer, I am so thankful that fall has finally arrived in the desert Southwest.

For many people, autumn brings to mind brightly colored foliage that later falls to the ground and has to be raked, or if you are lucky – cleaned up using your leaf blower.
In partnership with the folks at Troy-Bilt and a member of the Saturday 6, I am fortunate in being able to test a variety of their products in my own garden and share with you my honest opinion.
Recently, I was was very excited to test one of their newest garden tools – the TB2MB JET Gas Leaf Blower.
Now, I must admit that autumn leaves do not make an appearance in my garden for the simple reason that I have no deciduous trees.  However, I do get a lot of use out of my regular leaf blower, which I use throughout the year for the following tasks:
– Cleaning up fallen leaves after I have finished pruning my shrubs.
– Getting rid of dirt and small rocks that are lodged in the small cracks in my patio and driveway.
– Moving leaf debris toward the base of shrubs and trees where it can serve as mulch.

Adding leaves to my compost bin.

– Gathering up excess leaf litter and putting it in my compost pile.

– Cleaning up after monsoon storms when my neighbor’s leaves blow into my garden 😉
As a horticulturist (and homeowner), I have used my share of different leaf blowers, so I was excited to see how Troy-Bilt’s newest hand-held, leaf blower did in my own garden.
After taking it out of the box, all of the pieces fit together and after looking at it, I thought that this was probably the ‘coolest’ looking leaf blower I’d ever seen with its aerodynamic lines.
But, looks are one thing – I took it out into the garden to see how well it worked.
I first used the blower to direct the leaf debris toward the base of my new orange tree, where they will serve as mulch and improve the soil as the leaves break down.  
Then, I moved to my driveway and patio to clean out the dirty seams and small rocks.
On a different day, I used it to clean the rock in my garden and direct the leaves toward the base of my flowering shrubs, which will appreciate the mulch.
Here are my observations after using Troy-Bilt’s Jet Gas Leaf Blower:
– It was not too heavy to hold.
– Using the pull-start was easy, but the blower can also be started using Troy-Bilt’s Jump Start Engine Starter tool.
– The air flow was more focused than other blowers that I have used, making it easier to direct the leaves.  It moved most of the small rocks in the seams in the driveway and cleaned out much of the dirt.
– The handle was comfortable and I really liked the cruise control option, which locked in the air speed.
– It cleaned the debris from my gravel without moving too much of my gravel with it.
– My husband, (who I must admit uses a leaf blower more often than I do), wanted me to mention that he likes that the intake of the Jet Gas Leaf Blower is not on the bottom.  Some leaf blowers do have the intake on the bottom, which can inadvertently suck up small pieces of gravel.
I must admit that I like using leaf blowers and I was having so much fun with Troy-Bilt’s newest leaf blower, that I actually enjoyed cleaning my garden.
If you want to learn more about Troy-Bilt’s most powerful handheld leaf blower, they created a video, which shows how it works.
**So, would you like to have one of these in your own garage or garden shed?  The folks at Troy-Bilt are giving one away to one of you!
To enter, all you have to do is leave a comment.
 For an extra entry, follow me on Facebook Twitter and/or Google+ and be sure to let me know when you leave a comment.
(Be sure to leave your email address if it’s not on your profile, or I won’t have any way to contact you.)
I will pick a random entry on Monday, October 27th.
Good Luck!
*Disclosure: I was provided the leaf blower free of charge for my honest review.
Noelle Johnson, aka, 'AZ Plant Lady' is a horticulturist, certified arborist, and landscape consultant who helps people learn how to create, grow, and maintain beautiful desert gardens that thrive in a hot, dry climate. She does this through her consulting services, her online class Desert Gardening 101, and her monthly membership club, Through the Garden Gate. As she likes to tell desert-dwellers, "Gardening in the desert isn't hard, but it is different."

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  1. Deane Alban
    Deane Alban says:

    Please sign me up for your giveaway. My yard here in Tucson is all rocks. I have several trees and my rake just doesn't do a very good job. I actually use a chop stick for getting mesquites leaves out of the cracks between my patio pavers. A cool leaf blower like this would be a significant upgrade!

  2. Kristen Mcclary
    Kristen Mcclary says:

    i would love to win this as well our yard has so many huge trees that the upkeep is sometimes very rediculous and this would absolutely help with this thanks for the chance

  3. Kristen Mcclary
    Kristen Mcclary says:

    sorry i also followed you on facebook and twitter and i also suscribed to your emails so i can stay up to date with all your great posts i couldnt find the google plus button to follow you though

  4. SolDucky
    SolDucky says:

    Nice job cleaning up your garden! I admit that I still haven't done mine. I love gardening all year, but get to fall and I just want to do more bulb planting – not tearing things out and storing all of the supports and such. We also have lots of trees and getting all of the leaves out of my garden is not the most fun. This would make it so much easier!

  5. SolDucky
    SolDucky says:

    Gah! I got so long winded and still forgot to mention that I am following you on G+ too as sarah solducky. My best email is probably magpied.piper at gmail dotcom.

    JACLYN says:

    We have many trees and our backyard runs into the woods. Would love this to keep the yard and nice and clear. A bonus would be to make a nice pile for the kids to jump in!

  7. Jeri Gibson
    Jeri Gibson says:

    I have an enormous Pine tree in my front yard that loves shedding it's pine needles everywhere. I used them as mulch for my roses, but my front yard is covered with them now. (My neighbors were also blessed during the windy monsoon storms.) I love the sound of those pine needles during a breezy day, but, alas, the shedding is making me cranky. "Hire someone to clean it up", you say. I can't, because I am broke after paying my husband's Memory Care Facility. 🙁 However, I love tools and this will be a great one to own and use!

  8. Lacy
    Lacy says:

    This looks like a great leaf blower. The power cord on ours is driving me crazy. Please enter me in the drawing lacy.halesATgmailDOTcom

  9. Arizona
    Arizona says:

    I've never had a leaf blower and always wished I had one when doing my yard work. I follow you on facebook and particularly love playing the 'what do you see wrong with this planting' game! Thank you for all the knowledge you share with those of us trying our best at gardening in AZ!

  10. downtown la chick
    downtown la chick says:

    This would be a great addition to help me. I'm from N.J. and new to Arizona and my yard is a mess. I Follow you on facebook and Twitter. Sabrinai 2001 at yahoo dot com is the best place to reach me.

  11. Stephen Radford
    Stephen Radford says:

    nice thank you for the chance. following on all 3 Stephen.a.radford on facebook and google plus and @Stephen_radford on twitter. it would be a blessing as we have 5 big oak trees and once had over 50 bags of leafs by bags i mean 33 gallon outdoor bags and i only have .5 acers of land lol

  12. Stephen Radford
    Stephen Radford says:

    dont know if my last post showed up. following on all 3. Stephen.a.radford on FB and Google plus and Stephen_radford on twitter.

    it would be a blessing We love Troy built at my house ahve the 4 cycle weedeater with tiller and pole saw. we also have 5 big oak trees with tons and tons of leaves. Last year duing fall i had over 50 33 gallon bags in just 2 weeks. woudl be a nice upgrade from my old plug in corded blower.

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