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Like many of my fellow gardeners, I have a bookshelf full of gardening books.  I just can’t seem to help myself when I am in a bookstore, I subconsciously gravitate towards the gardening section. 
I am often asked what gardening book that I recommend that focuses on the desert garden.  Although there are many wonderful books about gardening in the desert, if you were only going to buy one book then I highly recommend “Landscape Plants for Dry Regions” by Warren Jones & Charles Sacamano.  
This book lists more than 600 different plants along with color photos for each plant listed.  Cold hardiness, landscape uses, cultural requirements and possible problems are all covered in detail which is what makes this book such an asset to the desert gardener.
**Just in case you were wondering – I have no connection to the authors (other than the fact they autographed my copy ;-).  It’s just a great book.