*Disclosure: I was given these books, free of charge, for my honest review.  
 The wonderful people at Timber Press are at it again.  This time, they have put together a great prize package to celebrate the release of two new gardening books…
I don’t know about you, but I really like the re-emergence of heirloom vegetables in the garden.  
My tomatoes are ‘San Marzano’, which is an heirloom variety.
 I have a young orange tree, but I might be tempted to add some more fruit trees.
If you are interested in entering Timber Press’s giveaway, here is a glimpse of the prize….
This prize package consists of five books, 35 packets of heirloom seeds and a certificate for a bare-root fruit tree.
I just love contests like this, don’t you?
So what are you waiting for?
To enter the contest, simply follow this link.


I have never raised chickens before and to be honest, never thought of them as all that interesting.
That is until my sister, started raising chickens a few years ago.
A couple of days old.
I must admit that I was shocked that they arrived in the mail.
They were so cute and fluffy.
Every week, when went over for dinner, we would watch and see how quickly they grew.
Before we knew it, they were almost full-grown.
Sometimes they got a bit dirty and needed a bath….
But we always enjoyed their fresh eggs.
 Now my sister is raising a new batch of chickens.  They are growing quickly and get along well with the older chickens.
All of my sister’s chickens are free range chickens and have the run of the backyard.
Which leads me to the following giveaway:
There is a wonderful, new book out about Free Range Chicken Gardens.
To celebrate the new book, the publisher, Timber Press, is having a giveaway with a chicken-related prize.
Check out their contest page: