One Year Ago...

This week is off to a busy start.  My husband and kids went on a camping trip, leaving me alone for 24 hours.

I had great plans for what I would do while they were gone. 

I would work on writing blogs....

Work in the garden....

Plant seedlings indoors for a instructional video coming up....

Work on our taxes....

AND get a Redbox movie to end the day.

Well, I did achieve writing a blog and I did get our taxes done, but that was about it.  My oldest daughter asked me to watch my granddaughter for a few hours, which I was happy to do.  However, she had just returned from the doctor after getting her shots, so she was not too happy.  So I just held and cuddled her.

Then my daughter brought lunch over and we visited for awhile.  So I got started on my taxes a bit late.  I do like using tax software, but I don't like having to get all my receipts together.

I ended the evening eating dinner at 8:00 and watching TV.

As I sat in my very quite house, I remembered where I was one year ago to the day.

We were on a cruise of the Caribbean with in-laws.  They had treated us all to the cruise, which was to be a great time to build memories while we still had my father-in-law with us.  

My in-laws always had their grandkids sitting their table.  My father-in-law couldn't smile or speak anymore, but he was able to communicate through his iPad.

We had a fabulous time.

Our first visit was to St. Maarten.  I had my camera with me and along with taking photos of the family, I also took pictures of the tropical plants.

I didn't know my husband was taking a picture ;-)

At first, I was shocked at how blue the water was.  (I am from Southern California, where the ocean is gray blue).

The plants were very colorful and I recognized some....



There were other plants that I had no idea what they were....

This plant is rather unusual.

You know, it didn't matter that I didn't know what all the plants where.

It was enough to know that they were beautiful....


Laura said...

I think I know that unknown plant. Look up Calotropis procera -- apple of sodom.

Noelle said...

Thank you Laura! I was wondering what that plant was :-)


Laura said...

It grows here. Baker's carries it sometimes. Queen butterflies use it as a host plant. It is in the milkweed line.

I was very surprised that I was able to identify something. I'm a terrible gardener -- but I try!

Ellen said...

Under the Vinca , the leaves and flowers look like they belong to Asclepias Gigantis (Giant Milkweed), but Gigantis doesn't have what looks like fruit. Queens and Monarchs use it as a host plant . So perhaps it is what the 1st commenter stated.
The plant underneath this is Ixora,

Both plants are plentiful in South Florida which is where I live.


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