Welcome To My Passion For Desert Gardening!!

My passion is to provide people with the tools that they need to achieve their goal of an attractive outdoor space in the desert region. Here are my popular programs that I’ve created just for you to help you master the desert landscape.

I help desert dwellers create, grow, and maintain a beautiful outdoor space that thrives in a hot, arid climate every day!

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Desert Gardening 101ยฎย 


Do you dream of having a beautiful, well-designed garden and knowing how to care for it the ‘right’ way? Chances are that you do. But, it can be hard to find a resource to provide the knowledge you seek. Drive down any street, and you’ll find countless examples of what not to do and what not to plant.

Listen, it’s hard to do it yourself, especially in such a different place where the ‘normal’ gardening practices don’t always work. You probably feel that your dream of a lovely outdoor space, surrounded by flowering plants and perhaps cacti and succulents is out of reach. Maybe you’ve tried only to see your plants struggle and die, despite being told by others that they will do well.

There IS a way to equip yourself with the tools and knowledge to achieve your goal of a garden that will thrive in the desert WITHOUT a lot of fuss. I know because I’ve done it and I have been helping people just like you do for over 25 years!

In Desert Gardening 101, I’ve put my expertise into an online course, divided into eight modules of training videos, downloadable guides, and valuable bonuses. Whether you are new to gardening in the desert or want to dive in more deeply, this course will help you achieve your goals!

Learn With Me

Through The Garden Gate


Do you want a beautiful landscape that thrives in a hot, dry climate? Whether you are a brand-new desert resident or a long-time desert dweller, you’ve probably discovered that gardening in the desert can be daunting. Things are done so differently here than in other regions.

Most people have no idea how to get started or are looking for help to create an attractive outdoor space around their desert home. To help you, I have created mine Through the Garden Gate membership club. This is a place where you will find expert tips and guidance in the form of monthly training videos, and downloadable resources to help your garden with confidence.

This is also the only place where you will get direct access to me to ask your questions in our group coaching sessions. You’ll enjoy community and support from fellow desert gardeners in our exclusive Facebook group. I hope you’ll join us!

Shrub Pruning Workshop

Shrub Pruning Workshop


Tired of seeing shrubs that look like green blobs?

If you have found yourself scratching your head trying to figure out the presence of ‘poodle-pruned’ shrubs in your landscape, let me let you on a secret: Flowering shrubs aren’t meant to look that way.

If you are tired of the time, money, and effort of maintaining flowering shrubs only to end up with green balls, there is hope!

In my Shrub Pruning Workshop, I show you guidelines and time-tested tips for pruning shrubs that I have taught to my 1:1 clients for over 20 years. You’ll learn how to save time and money by maintaining your flowering shrubs the right way by pruning twice a year or less! I’ll also teach you how to rehabilitate excessively pruned shrubs.

I invite you to join me in this online workshop – you will save both time and money, and you can begin right now.

growing roses in the desert

Growing Roses in the Desert


Do you think that roses can’t grow in the desert? Well, I’m here to tell you that’s a myth – you can enjoy the beauty of roses despite the challenges of our hot, dry climate. In fact, roses are easier to grow in arid regions compared to those in more temperate regions with long, cold winters or those with high humidity.

In my newest class, I share my rose expertise and desert-specific tips for growing healthy roses. As a horticulturist, I’ve grown countless varieties of thriving roses in my own desert garden and I’m excited to share how you can do this too!

If you are tired or growing roses only to watch the struggle, or want to add roses to your garden, this class is for you!

All proceeds from the class go to Orchard Africa to provide a bright future for orphans.

Water-Saving Workshop


Are you worried about how much water you are using outside your home?

Here’s a shocking statistic: up to 70% of household water use in arid climates goes to your landscape!

If you are worried about shrinking water supplies and using water efficiently, this online workshop is for you!

In my Water-Saving Workshop, I show you how to implement my best tips for using less water in the landscape. These are strategies that I have taught to my 1:1 clients for over 20 years. You’ll learn how to lower your water use while enjoying a beautiful landscape that thrives with less water.

You’ll learn how to choose low-water plants, irrigation strategies, schedules, and other cultural practices to reduce your garden’s water needs. I invite you to join me in this on-demand, online workshop – you will save water, and you can begin right now.