pumpkin bread

The Best Pumpkin Bread You’ve Ever Tasted

I realize you are likely to find useful desert gardening info on my website, but what you may not know is that I love spending time in my kitchen. So, today's post is about a favorite recipe, but there is a garden connection it's made…
desert garden with flowering plants in fall

Fall in the Desert Garden

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Fall is my favorite time of year for two main reasons. First, it signals the beginning of the holiday season. And yes, I am one of those people who decorate for Christmas early. Thanksgiving dinner at my house is celebrated with a fully…

Got Dead Plants?

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I'm pretty sure I know the answer to this one. We have all likely experienced the death of a plant in our garden, and even though I am a horticulturist, I'm not immune. Sometimes, plants die in my garden too. Here is a photo of my recently…
flowering shrub

Why Plant Names are Confusing

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Isn't this a pretty shrub? I saw this flowering beauty at a client's home. Now, when you see a plant that you like in a friend or neighbor's yard, you probably ask them what it's called. My client was very proud of her shrub and…
desert tree with shrubs planted underneath

Mishaps in the Garden

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In a perfect world, everything runs smoothly with no unexpected problems, and while you may not know what the future holds, it's always positive. But, you know that isn't how life works and this is certainly true in the desert garden. The…

Got Heat-Stressed Plants?

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Do you enjoy the summer heat? I'm going record to state that I'm not a huge fan. I prefer to endure the intense heat indoors in the comfort of air-conditioning. However, the plants in my garden don't have that option. They are stuck…

Summer Hibernation, Road Trips, and Missing Flowers

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The dog days of summer... By the time midpoint of summer heat arrives, I am firmly in 'summer hibernation' mode. While much of the country stays indoors during the cold of winter, we desert dwellers flip that and spend the hottest…

Thriving in the Heat

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Let's face it...summer can be brutal. I tend to spend as little time outdoors as possible when temperatures soar above normal ranges. It's times like this that I praise the inventor of air-conditioning. While we can escape record-breaking…
orange flowering shrub

Decorative Options to Beautify Bare Block Walls

Do you have a bare block wall surrounding your backyard? If you live in California or the Southwest, it's likely that you do and while they are sturdy, they aren't very attractive to look at. Thankfully, there are things you can do…
gardening book

I’ve Written a Book!

Have you ever had a big secret that you were dying to tell? Well, I have been keeping a lid on a big project that has consumed most of my time over the past year and now I can finally spill the beans to you... I have written a book…