flowering shrub

Why Plant Names are Confusing

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The Common Name Conundrum Isn't this a pretty shrub? I saw this flowering beauty at a client's home. Now, when you see a plant that you like in a friend or neighbor's yard, you probably ask them what it's called. My client…
desert tree with shrubs planted underneath

Mishaps in the Garden

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Mishaps in the Garden: Dealing with Unexpected Plant Problems The Unpredictable Nature of Gardening In a perfect world, everything runs smoothly with no unexpected problems, and while you may not know what the future holds, it's always…

Got Heat-Stressed Plants?

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Do you enjoy the summer heat? I'm going record to state that I'm not a huge fan. I prefer to endure the intense heat indoors in the comfort of air-conditioning. However, the plants in my garden don't have that option. They are stuck…

Summer Hibernation Mode; What it is All About

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The dog days of summer... By the time midpoint of summer heat arrives, I am firmly in 'summer hibernation' mode. I have past all the garden needs in hot early summer and moved on to trying to find a cool spot with a nice glass of lemonade. Why…

Desert Adapted Plants Thriving in the Heat

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Embracing the Desert Heat: Landscaping with Desert-Adapted Plants Surviving the Summer Scorch with Desert Adapted Plants Let's face it...summer can be brutal. I tend to spend as little time outdoors as possible when temperatures…
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Decorative Options to Beautify Bare Block Walls

Transforming Your Bare Block Wall: Exploring Decorative Options Enhancing Your Outdoor Space Do you need decorative block wall options for a bare block wall surrounding your backyard? If your residence is located in California…
gardening book

I’ve Written a Book!

Have you ever had a big secret that you were dying to tell? The Big Reveal: My New Dry Climate Gardening Book Well, I have been keeping a lid on a big project that has consumed most of my time over the past year and now I can finally…
pruning tree suckers

What You Shouldn’t Be Doing in the Early Summer Garden

Navigating the Hot Early Summer in Your Desert Garden The Scorching Reality of Early Summer I don't need to tell you that early summer desert garden is hot. In mid-June, we typically experience several days of extreme heat. I have…
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5 Ways to Save Water in the Dry Climate Garden

Less water doesn't mean a boring garden. Here are 5 tips for a beautiful, dry climate garden that saves water.