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8 Colorful Plants for the Desert Garden and Where to Find Them

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When people think about what a desert garden looks like, what comes to mind? Perhaps, visions of lots of brown with rocks and a cactus or two? Maybe visions of mostly brown terrain with scattered rocks and a couple of cacti? But in reality,…
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Protecting Your Desert Garden From a Heatwave

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Protecting Your Desert Garden From a Heatwave Summers in the desert garden is hot. That's no surprise. However, there are periods within these hot months when temperatures climb higher than normal. Because of this, we do need to help…

How to Plant a Cactus In a Pot

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The Art of Container Cacti Have you ever seen the beauty of cactuses showcased in containers? Adding a cactus to a container helps to set it apart from the rest of the landscape and helps it to stand out so that its unique texture and…

Fuzzy Flowers and Sunscreen….

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I absolutely love spring.  Some years, spring never arrives.  Sometimes spring goes missing and winter turns right into summer.  But not this year.  We have had beautiful weather and I have enjoyed being outdoors.   But,…

Create a Herb Container

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Do you like to use fresh herbs when you cook? What if you could just step outside your door and snip some herbs without having to go to the store?  Have you seen how expensive fresh herbs are at the supermarket by the way? And, who…
Over Pruned Shrubs

The Ugly Truth – What Over-Pruned Shrubs Really Look Like

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Many of us are familiar with how over-pruning can take away much of the beauty of flowering shrubs and contribute to their early death. But, have you ever wondered what they look like on the inside?I found this 'ugly' example alongside the…
Pink Trumpet Vine (Podranea ricasoliana)

Pink Blooms In the Desert Garden

Pink blooming plant in the desert graden Embracing Spring in the Desert Southwest Springtime in the desert southwest is a glorious time, particularly with pink blooming plants. We say "goodbye" to cold, winter temperatures and…
Blue Palo Verde

“April Showers Bring Golden Flowers”

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A Colorful Yellow April Display: Palo Verde Trees April in the desert garden is, in my humble opinion, the most beautiful time of year for summer blooms.  Winter and spring-flowering plants (Damianita, Penstemon, and 'Valentine' Emu…
sweet acacia tree

Week In Review: Containers, Xeriscapes, Cactus Flowers & Orange Blossoms

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Spring in the desert Southwest is a busy time of year. While those that live in colder climates countdown the days until March 20th, the spring season often begins a full month earlier in the low to middle desert. As a horticulturist…
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Tips to Save Money When Shopping for Succulents

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Shopping for Succulents, Desert Botanical Garden Plant Sale I enjoy attending plant sales hosted by botanical gardens. Why? Because you can often find the newest plants (even hard to find ones) at them. Of course, you can also find…