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Are you looking for a desert garden expert to speak to your group or next conference? Noelle is a popular speaker who is a horticulturist, landscape consultant, and garden instructor who lives and gardens in the Phoenix area. Popularly known as AZ Plant Lady®, Noelle is a confident, experienced speaker who is passionate about helping people garden in a hot, dry climate.

Gardening in the desert isn’t hard, BUT it is different. It can be a daunting task, especially in such a different climate with the unique challenges of blistering heat and dryness “where plants go to die”.

Noelle shares her expert tips on how to create, grow, and maintain a landscape that adds beauty and thrives in the desert throughout the Southwest.

Come See Me Speak!

Take a look at the talks I have coming up. Follow the links to the event websites and grab a ticket to come see me when you are in. town!

2022 Speaking Schedule:

  • 01/15 Growing Roses in the Desert  (Virtual) with Summerwinds Nursery
  • 01/21 Gardening for Birds (Virtual) – Tucson Botanical Gardens
  • 01/22 Vegetable Gardening in the Desert (Virtual) with Summerwinds Nursery
  • 02/05 Citrus Care (Virtual) with Summerwinds Nursery
  • 02/12 Landscape Design for Reduced Maintenance – Town of Carefree
    • 9:30 – 12:00 Town Council Chambers, 33 Easy Street and Nonchalant Ave., Carefree, AZ ($5 donation)
  • 02/19 Herb Container Gardening (Virtual) with Summerwinds Nursery
  • 02/25 Succulents in the Garden (Virtual) – Tucson Botanical Gardens
  • 03/08 How to Hire a Virtual Assistant (Virtual) – GardenComm
  • 03/20 The Great Grow Along Virtual Festival
  • 04/09 Living Green Festival – Mesa, Arizona
  • 04/15 How to Heat-Proof Your Desert Garden – Tucson Botanical Gardens
  • 05/06 Butterfly Gardening in the Desert (Virtual) – Tucson Botanical Gardens
  • 06/17 Desert Gardening Simplified (Virtual) – Tucson Botanical Gardens
  • 08/27 Fall/Winter Vegetable Gardening (Virtual) – Summerwinds Nursery
  • 09/10 Eye-Catching Plants for Interest (Virtual) – Summerwinds Nursery
  • 09/24 Flowering All-Year: Plants for Year-Round Color (Virtual) – Summerwinds Nursery
  • 10/08 Creative Container Gardening (Virtual) – Summerwinds Nursery
  • 10/21 Flowering All Year (Virtual) – Tucson Botanical Gardens
  • 10/22 Butterfly Gardening in the Desert – Summerwinds Nursery
  • 11/11 Bird Gardening in the Desert – Tucson Botanical Gardens
Garden Speaker
Garden Speaker

I received so many compliments about Noelle’s presentations…

I received so many compliments about Noelle’s presentations during the Hummingbird Festival. Some who had been to all of our prior festivals said it was the best gardening-themed presentations of any year. Your relaxed style contributed greatly to that. – Ross Hawkins, Director Hummingbird Society

Was Blown Away!

I took your class yesterday and was blown away. Terrific presentation-concise, to the point and packed with so much useful information! Truly, you inspire me. Christine Froehlich

What Others Are Saying

Well Done!

Thank you very much for presenting at our Saturday morning garden seminar.  We had the largest attendance we ever had and very few left during the break.  My guess is that those who left grew tired of standing. The many questions asked were proof of how you held the audience’s interest.  Everyone left with good ideas of how to better manage their garden. Well done!  We are fortunate to have had you speak. John Crane, Vice-Mayor of Carefree, AZ

I lapped up every drop!

A great treat and honor to meet *the* AZ Plant Lady and to revel in her knowledge, wisdom, humor, and confidence at her “Landscape for Maintenance” class at the Desert Botanical Garden. She’s the real deal, and I lapped up every drop of what she imparted to the class. It occurred to me during the class that what she was sharing is just the tip of the iceberg of all that she knows. You would do well to find out where she teaches or speaks next and then be there! Melinda Thomas

What Kind Of Talk Are You Looking For?

I would love to be invited to speak at your next event or gathering. I have listed my most popular topics below. You can email me directly at info@azplantlady.com. or use the contact form below to select your topic of choice and send me your email so I can connect with you.

My Available Speaking Topics

Butterfly Gardening in the Desert Garden

Color Gardens 

Creative Container Gardening

Desert Gardening Simplified

Flowering All Year

Fuss-Free Gardening

Gardening for Birds in the Desert

Growing Roses in the Desert

Hummingbird Container Gardening

Landscape Design for Reduced Maintenance

Shade Gardening in a Hot, Dry Climate

Succulents for the Desert Garden

The Heat-Proof Desert Garden

Choose A Speaking Topic Today And I’ll Get In Touch With You About Your Needs!

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Meet Noelle – Your Next Garden Speaker!

Noelle lives in the greater Phoenix area where she works as a landscape consultant. She received her B.S. in Urban Horticulture from Arizona State University in 1998 and has been helping people learn how to garden in a challenging climate for over 20 years.

She does this through her popular blog, ‘Ramblings From a Desert Garden’ and her online class Desert Gardening 101. Speaking to people in person, radio, and television are other ways that Noelle teaches and inspires desert-dwellers of the many opportunities of creating and maintaining a beautiful outdoor space that thrives in a hot, dry climate.

Contact Noelle Johnson today to discuss fees and make reservations. She is also available for radio and television interviews.