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What You Shouldn’t Be Doing in the Early Summer Garden

I don't need to tell you that early summer in the desert garden is hot. In mid-June, we typically experience several days of extreme heat. I have many people who ask me what garden tasks CAN they do in their garden right now. Well,…
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5 Ways to Save Water in the Dry Climate Garden

Less water doesn't mean a boring garden. Here are 5 tips for a beautiful, dry climate garden that saves water.

What’s Chewing On My Leaves?

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Have you ever noticed circular areas missing from your leaves? If so, you aren't alone. The other day I noticed several of my plants with neat semi-circular sections missing. But, was I worried? Nope, and I'll tell you why in my latest…
firecracker penstemon (Penstemon eatonii)

A Front Garden (NOT a Yard)

Do you have a front garden or a front yard? I really don't like to refer to the front area of a home as a 'yard'.   The definition of the word 'yard' is "a piece of ground adjoining a building or house." Now, while I do have a piece…

Behind Every Green Thumb Are a Trail of Dead Plants

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A 'Painted Lady' butterfly drinking nectar from a lantana. Do you know someone who has a green thumb? Usually, it's someone with a beautiful garden that stands out among their neighbors with thriving plants that flourish.  While…

Sow Wildflower Seed in Fall for a Gorgeous Spring Display

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California bluebells and red flax One of spring's many joys are the fields of wildflowers that we often see growing along the side of the road.  It is one of the many miracles of nature how such lovely flowers can grow in the…

Celebrating “Second Spring” in the Southwest Garden

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As summer begins to slowly fade and the heat begins to dissipate, the Southwestern garden comes alive. Plants perk up in the absence of 100+ degree temperatures and people begin to venture outdoors  (without their hats!) to…
How to Fertilize Cactus and Succulents in Containers

How to Fertilize Cactus and Succulents in Containers

Fertilize Cactus and Succulents in Containers Many of you appreciate the beauty and the low-maintenance of using succulents (including cactus) in containers Container filled with 'Sticks on Fire' Euphorbia and Elephant's Food (Portulacaria…
Texas sage shrub

Shrubs or Mushrooms?

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A few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to take another photo of a landscape I passed by in a neighborhood where I had just finished up a landscape consultation. Sadly, I often see examples of truly 'interesting' or should I say 'bad' pruning.…