Over Pruned Shrubs

The Ugly Truth – What Over-Pruned Shrubs Really Look Like

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Many of us are familiar with how over-pruning can take away much of the beauty of flowering shrubs, in addition to contributing to their early death. But, have you ever wondered what they look on the inside?I found this 'ugly' example alongside…
Pink Trumpet Vine (Podranea ricasoliana)

Pink Blooms In the Desert Garden

Springtime in the desert southwest is a glorious time. We say "goodbye" to cold, winter temperatures and delight in the landscape around us and it bursts into bloom. I enjoy spending time outdoors this time of year, realizing that…
Blue Palo Verde

“April Showers Bring Golden Flowers”

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April in the desert garden is, in my humble opinion, the most beautiful time of year.  Winter and spring-flowering plants (Damianita, Penstemon and 'Valentine' Emu Bush) are just beginning to fade and summer blooms are beginning to appear…
sweet acacia tree

Week In Review: Containers, Xeriscapes, Cactus Flowers & Orange Blossoms

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Spring in the desert Southwest is a busy time of year. While those that live in colder climates countdown the days until March 20th, the spring season often begins a full month earlier in the low to middle desert. As a horticulturist /…
Desert Botanical Garden

Tips to Save Money When Shopping for Succulents

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Shopping for Succulents, Desert Botanical Garden Plant Sale I enjoy attending plant sales hosted by botanical gardens. Why? Because you can often find the newest plants (even hard to find ones) at them. Of course, you can also find…

Need a Bouquet? Look No Further Than Your Garden

Do you ever wish you had flowers to give to a friend or to decorate your table? Instead of heading to the store for a generic bouquet, how about creating a lovely bouquet straight from your garden? Now before you say that you don't have…
Mini Christmas Trees

Mini Christmas Trees? More Bad Pruning…

Last week, as my husband and I were pulling out our local Home Depot when I saw what looked like mini Christmas trees throughout the parking lot islands. mini Christmas trees I grabbed my cell phone and took a picture of these funny-shaped…

Shrubs Aren’t Meant To Be Cupcakes, Frisbees, or Pill Boxes

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Aren't these shrubs beautiful? Texas Sage 'Green Cloud' (Leucophyllum frutescens 'Green Cloud') Thunder Cloud Sage (Leucophyllum candidum 'Thunder Cloud') 'Rio Bravo' Sage (Leucophyllum langmaniae 'Rio Bravo') You…

DIY Natural Household Cleaner From Citrus Peels

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Do you like the idea of using household cleaners that are natural? I do. Especially after I noticed a build-up of 'blue' cleaning product in the small crevices of my bathroom counters. So, I decided to focus on using natural cleaners…
badly pruned shrubs

Landscape No-No’s and How to Fix Them: Over Planted, Poodle Pruned Shrubs and Lack of Variety

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Photo: Landscape No-No Have you ever driven past a landscape that had some problems with it?  As a horticulturist and landscape consultant, my attention diverts whenever I see ‘Landscape No-No’s’ like this one. Awhile…