Road Trip...College, Tiny Town and Containers

We are more then half-way through our road trip and are having a fabulous time.

We have encountered great food, not so great food, interesting tourist destinations, beautiful plants as well as some over-hyped destinations.

Our typical road trip day begins with breakfast at the hotel and then we head to our car, turn on the GPS and get on the highway.  We have brought some audio book CD's which are fun to listen too.

We try to stay off of major highways because you cannot see much besides trees on either side of the road.  To experience more of each area we visit, we travel on minor highways.  BUT, our GPS is always trying to get us back onto the major highways.

We visited Washington Jefferson College in Washington, PA - the second oldest college in the US, after Harvard.  

 Both my grandfather and great-father attended this college.  

After visiting the college, we walked up and down the main street of Washington.

There was some pretty Clematis growing underneath a Gingko tree...

Roses were in full bloom as well....

Before we left Washington, we drove up to my great-great-great-grandfathers farm.  Or, where it used to be.  It is now filled with beautiful homes.  I tried to imagine what it used to look like and felt a connection to standing on land he used to farm.

Later, we headed up to New York state.  On our way, we stopped by the tiny town of Volant, which is located in Amish country in New York.  

Don't you just want to sit on this porch?

I found an antique colander, which I will turn into a planter.

The weather has been the 80's.  I must admit that it is a bit too warm for me.  I know, I know....I live in the desert.  How can it be too warm for me?

Well, I am a wimp when it comes to humidity - I like dry heat ;-)

This tiny town was hosting a progressive tea party.  Each store was hosting part of the meal.  Over a thousand people were expected.  Thankfully, we came the day before.

Blue Lobelia, White Bacopa, Sweet Potato Vine, Geraniums and Marigold.

Spring has arrived and colorful containers are filled with beautiful flowers.

I fell in love with the Lupine, above.  

 Guess where we went the next day?

We visited Niagara Falls, on the Canadian side, which has a better view.

Tomorrow, I'll share with you our visit to the falls and then our travels to the Finger Lakes region with its wineries and hidden garden I found.


Jenn said...

Finger lakes! Awesome! Can't wait to see your report. That area is so beautiful.

FlowerLady said...

This is really a wonderful tour with you and your Mom. How neat to stand where your ancestors farmed.

Humid heat is so much worse than dry heat. When we lived in Spain we experienced a dry heat, easier to take, FL is a humid heat, not so easy to take.

Enjoy the rest of your trip and thanks for the posts.


garden sheds said...

you visit niagara falls.. awesome!! i never go there before.. and the flowers are beautiful too..

garden sheds said...

you visit niagara falls.. awesome!! i never go there before.. and the flowers are beautiful too..


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