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It is hard to believe that we have only been on our road trip for a single day.

We have done so much already….

First, we headed for German Village in Columbus, Ohio to visit my friend.

German Village

The homes here are over 100 years old…

German Village

Beautiful hosta fill their front garden.

German Village

My friend and her husband completely renovated their historic home along with the back garden.

German Village

Tracie and I used to work together, years ago in Arizona.She quickly became a special friend.

I have been fortunate to have been able to see her in three different locations over 3 years.

Two years ago, we met in Durham, NC when I was passing through.

Last year, she and her husband visited Scottsdale and we met for dinner.

This year, I was so happy to be coming to Columbus, where she now lives.

Another bonus is that I got to meet her new baby girl, Avery, who is just 6 weeks old.

I'm not sure why we took a picture behind the faucet

I’m not sure why we took a picture behind the faucet 😉

We had a great visit and soon it was time to get back on the road.

As we walked back to our car, we admired the beauty of this historical neighborhood…

German Village

We got in our rental car and started on our journey to Amish country.

On our way, we happened upon a ice cream factory as we were driving through Utica.

Velvet Ice Cream

We learned that Velvet Ice Cream has been making delicious ice cream for over 100 years.

So, we decided to check it out…

Road Trip

Once inside, we were faced with a problem….

Road Trip

There were over 60 flavors to choose from.

So, we decided to share the sampler plate, which had five different flavors…

Road Trip

We selected caramel honey, waffle cone, praline pecan, moose tracks and strawberry cheesecake.

The ice cream ended up being our lunch 😉

Then we continued on our trip to Amish country.

Amish farmers

Amish farmers were busy in their fields…

Amish farmers

Many Amish buggies share the road, but this Amish “pick-up” caught our eye…

Amish Butter Cheese

We took time to stop by and check out one of the many cheese factories.  We picked up some “Amish Butter Cheese” along with fresh-baked bread.  They will make a good lunch for tomorrow.

local restaurant

After eating ice cream for lunch, we felt that we needed a regular dinner, so we headed to Wooster and ate at a fabulous, local restaurant.

road trip

We have enjoyed our first full day of our road trip.

Tomorrow, we head to our next stop

Thank you for joining my mother and I on our journey 🙂

Well, after planning our Northeast road trip for a few months – we are finally on our way.

Amish in Ohio

Not much to show yet, but this shot of our plane descending into Columbus, Ohio.

We are staying at a hotel by the airport and will get our rental car tomorrow and will travel to Amish country.

I have visited Amish country in Pennsylvania and Indiana and can’t wait to see the Amish in Ohio.

**Besides the picturesque farms, the homemade items and the Amish people themselves – the thing I am most looking forward to are homemade pretzels.

Seriously – they are incredible!

I hope you join my mother and I as I blog about our road trip adventures.  *Update – click here to read about our next stop.

In just a few days, I will be boarding a plane with my mother as we embark on our second road trip together.

Last year, we toured the Midwest.  We started in Holland, Michigan and ended up in Springfield, Missouri. On the way, we visited Indiana, Illinois and Kansas.

Visiting Lincoln's tomb in Springfield, Illinois

Visiting Lincoln’s tomb in Springfield, Illinois

Our goal for road trips is to avoid major highways and take smaller highways.  The reason is that major highways are often screened on the sides with walls or trees and you don’t get to see the surrounding area.

My mother and I have road trips planned for the next few years – each one focused on a geographical area of the United States.

So this year, we are traveling to the……



geographical area

We will fly into Columbus, Ohio on Tuesday and will end up in Kennebunkport, Maine at the end of our journey.

On the way, we will visit:

Amish Country in Ohio

Washington, PA (just outside of Pittsburgh)

Niagara Falls, Canada

Geneva, NY

Potsdam, NY

Burlington, VT


Kennebunkport, ME

Although I have visited the Northeast before, my visits were usually confined to the coastal cities.  So, I am very excited to see all of these places.

Have any of you traveled to these areas?

Or maybe you live nearby?

What do you recommend we do?


I will be bringing my laptop and camera along with me and will be blogging from the road.

I hope you’ll join me 🙂

Road Trip: Day 1