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As I mentioned in my last post, I headed over today to visit a local farm and it’s adjoining restaurants to view the gardens.  As I started walking towards the entry, I was greeted by numerous dragons – all flaunting their beautiful colors.

beautiful colors

Snapdragons (Antirrhinum majus) have always been one of my favorite annual flowers.  I remember my dad teaching me how to gently squeeze the flowers on the side to cause their “mouths” to open and close, like a dragon’s.  It is a trick that I have taught my children as well.


There were so many different colors all planted together, without much thought to design.


To be honest, when I design annual beds, I tend to use the same color of snapdragons and then pair them with a contrasting petunia or geranium.  

**One of my favorite combinations is using yellow snapdragons and planting deep purple petunias around them and finishing off with white alyssum around the border.  Or you can try red snapdragons with white petunias and lobelia.


Even though, I generally do not mix colors, I must admit that all of these colors mixed together, really worked.  It was a stunning display of color.

Snapdragons are typically planted in October and last through April in our area.  Obviously, they have reached their peak bloom. 


I spent quite some time just admiring the snapdragons and taking pictures.  But then, it was time to move on and visit the organic vegetable gardens, the restaurant and explore the rest of the gardens.


I will be posting about my visit next week.  I can’t wait to show you the many wonderful treasures tucked away in this special place.

But for now, I would just like to enjoy the snapdragons….

A Farm, Flowers and a Restaurant in the Midst of Suburbia