Do you wear a hat when you work out in the garden?

Most people do in order to protect themselves from the sun and to help keep themselves cooler.

I have a nice floppy hat that I like to wear, but my husband and son prefer to wear baseball hats.

The problem with baseball hats is that they don’t protect the back of their necks or ears.  So, when I was approached by Ronnie, the creator of SunFlap, I was intrigued by his product and how it transformed a regular baseball hat into a different kind of garden hat that protects the neck and ears.

SunFlap attaches to your favorite baseball hat and protects the back of your head from the sun and once your are finished, it is easily removed.

I decided to test SunFlap and enlisted my son, Kai, to try it out.  Now, there are two very good reasons that I chose him to test this different garden hat.  First, he is always wearing a baseball hat.  Second, his job is to mow our back lawn, which can be a hard job to do in the middle of summer with its intense sun.

He easily fit the SunFlap into his hat and got to work mowing the grass.  When Kai came in, he wasn’t as hot as he usually gets and didn’t complain about how hot it was – both, unusual for him.

He took out the SunFlap and then put his baseball hat back on and said that he liked it and would use it again.

I am so glad that I was provided with two SunFlaps because my husband will definitely want to use one too.

With the increasing incidence of skin cancer, it’s more important than ever to protect ourselves the best we can whenever we find ourselves outdoors and SunFlap is a great way to do just that.

To learn more about SunFlap and order your own, click here.

**I was provided with a free SunFlap to test and provide my honest review.