Have you ever had a problem in your garden?

Chances are that if you have a garden – you have experienced a problem in it at least once.

Sometimes, it is hard to know how to solve the problem.  

Sunburned Sago Palm
I am often asked by friends, clients, readers of my blog and newsletters for help in their garden.  
Overly pruned Cassia that lead to dead growth.
 Sometimes they know what the problem is, but need to know how to solve it.
Problem with slugs? Set out a bowl of beer.
 Other times, I am asked to help them to identify the problem and the solution. 

At night, the beer attracts slugs who will drown in the beer.
Timber Press has quite a few gardening books solely dedicated to problem solving in the garden.  

I was asked by them to review the book “What’s Wrong With My Vegetable Garden” by David Deardorff & Kathryn Wadsworth.

Quite honestly, I loved this book.  

The book is filled with color photos of the different problems that can affect your vegetables.  One of my pet peeves with some gardening books is the lack of photos and/or black & white photos.  
Information about each type of vegetable is listed with helpful growing tips.  
The authors provide helpful, organic solutions for all types of pest, fungal, insect and environmental problems that can affect your vegetables.
Timber Press is having a “Garden Problem Solver” promotion where you can ask your questions about a problem in your garden and be eligible for different prizes.
To check out their promotion, simply click below:

Kind of a weird title for a post, but it fits all that I am going to try to fit into this one….

Earlier this week, we packed up the kids into our trusty minivan and took the long drive to Double S Farms….okay, it took us all of 5 minutes to get there.  We were gathering together to celebrate the birthdays of my husband and my nephew (Littlest Farmer).  

One of the first things we did was to go out and see the chickens, who are the newest residents of the farm.  They are now 5 weeks old and they have now graduated to the outdoors.  My sister, Chicken Farmer, is enjoying raising her chickens.  You can read my earlier posts about the chickens here.

For some reason, the chickens were not very cooperative about standing still for the camera.  So, my brother-in-law (Farmer Dad), picked one up so I could take a better picture.

This is Flo who was very patient while I took her picture.  She is one of two who does not mind being handled.  However, what happened afterwards, I am not sure that Flo was too happy about….

Farmer Dad handed Flo to my daughter, who just happens to work at Chick-fil-A, (a restaurant that serves only chicken).  I may have imagined it, but Flo look vastly relieved to be set down by my daughter.

Lucy and Ramona were kind enough to pause a moment for their picture.

We then ventured inside for dinner and birthday cake.  Afterward, my son and his cousins, (Little & Littlest Farmers), had fun wrestling in the living room.

Well, it was getting late and we started to head out the door when I saw something truly gross…

We were greeted by the sight of slugs crawling all over the low wall surrounding my mother’s succulent garden.  She has had a problem with slugs ever since she moved into the house last year.  There used to be a flower garden where the succulents are now planted.

Recently, she has been setting out a bowl of beer for the slugs.  They are attracted by the smell of beer and then crawl in and drown.  I wonder if they are drunk before they drown?  Hopefully, for their sake.

Not too pretty is it?  But, it is a welcome sight for those who are waging a battle against slugs.  They do not seem to prefer one beer over the other, so my mother used some old beer that my brother-in-law had left over since November.  **Some gardeners also have had similar results using grape juice.

Within 5 minutes of setting out additional saucers of beer, the slugs were racing as fast as they could to enjoy their beer.  Does that remind you of anyone you may know?

My kids thought it was very cool in a gross kind of way and so did I.  But I have to say that I am extremely glad that I do not have slugs in my garden 🙂