This is the view today from my kitchen window.

My flowering shrubs normally reach above my wall.  But, given the fact that it has been raining non-stop for the past 20 hours, that is certainly understandable.

While I normally enjoy rainy days, I am feeling a bit blue today.

Today is my daughter, Rachele’s 22nd birthday and the first one that we are spending apart.  

It seems like just yesterday that I was driving her to her first day of preschool.

Rachele was such a petite, little girl with a little giggle and curly hair.  But she was always a tomboy through and through.

She loved to dress up as a police officer.

Now Rachele is a proud member of the Navy.

While I am missing her especially on her birthday, I am so proud of her and am thankful that she loves what she is doing.

That is all I ultimately want for all my children – to spread their wings and fly. 

Even if it takes them far from home….

I must admit that this month has been very eventful.

We said goodbye to my father-in-law….

Who waged a courageous battle with ALS (Lou Gehrig’s Disease), which took his life 11 months after he was diagnosed.

A week later, it was time to celebrate a huge milestone in two lives…..
Dean loved his first taste of cake.
My twin nephews turned 1 year old.
Danny liked the frosting of his Cookie Monster cupcake the best.
We celebrated their birthday at my house and it was so fun to see the boys enjoy their cupcakes and play with their gifts.
The very next day, it was time to celebrate my daughter and son-in-law’s baby shower.
But beforehand, I needed to finish the baby sweater I had been working on.
This was my first sweater that I made.  Overall, I think it turned out well, but I learned a very important lesson when knitting a pattern.
*Don’t knit when you are stressed or distracted.*
I had started the sweater in August and brought it with me to the hospital when my father-in-law was hospitalized.  I also took it with me when he was transferred to hospice.  As a result, I started the sweater 4 separate times due to simple mistakes.
So, I learned to work on it at home and got the buttons sewed on the night before the baby shower 🙂 
Now that the sweater was finished, I was ready to enjoy the baby shower, which was being held at Double S Farms where my mother, sister and her family reside. 

We all enjoyed a delicious brunch.

Just a few of the gifts waiting to be opened.  (Notice my mother’s cheese grater collection?)

Some of the men spent time outdoors discussing who knows what?  (From left to right, the future grandfather, my brother-in-law, my cousin and my husband-the other future grandfather.)

That’s me on the left with my daughter.  It seems like yesterday, when I was expecting her 🙂

The best part…..opening gifts!  My nephew, Finley is on hand to offer any help opening presents if they need him 😉

Such a cute quilt made by the grandmother (the other one 🙂

She loved the sweater!  I must admit that I need a break from knitting for awhile 😉

I couldn’t resist taking this picture….  It may just pop up in the future when he is older and easily embarrassed 😉

Favors for guests.  Guess what they are?

Thank you so much for letting me share with you our eventful September.  

It is a bit overwhelming to suffer grief and joy in such a small period of time.  But they are both part of life.  I must admit that I prefer the joyful periods though 😉