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Do you like butterflies?

It’s hard to find anyone who doesn’t.  The sight of a butterfly makes us pause whatever we were doing and take a few moments to observe their fragile beauty.

Desert Botanical Garden's butterfly

Kids are even more entranced by butterflies.  Every year, I take my kids to visit the Desert Botanical Garden’s butterfly exhibit where they can view them up close.

Butterfly Gardening

What if you could attract more butterflies to your garden?  It’s not hard to do.

Butterfly Gardening

Adding plants to your garden that attract butterflies is also a great way to add both beauty to your outdoor space.    

We are fortunate that there are countless plants that make butterfly gardening in the Southwest garden both fun and rewarding.

adult butterflies love lots of flowers

Like most of us, adult butterflies love lots of flowers.

Butterfly Gardening

While I enjoy seeing butterflies visiting my own garden, I’ve also had the privilege of designing a butterfly and hummingbird garden alongside a golf course a few years ago.

Butterfly Gardening for the Southwest Garden

It’s so enjoyable to walk through the winding path and sit underneath the shade of palo verde trees and see the butterflies fluttering nearby.

Butterfly Gardening for the Southwest Garden

So, would you like to create a garden that attracts butterflies?    

You don’t have to do one on a large scale, adding a few plants or creating a container filled with butterfly-attracting plants is fun and easy to do.

Butterfly Gardening for the Southwest Garden

To get started, here is a great resource with lists of plants that will attract butterflies to your Southwest garden.  In addition, there is also a handy photographic guide to help you identify the butterflies who visit your garden.  

**Do you have any plants in your garden that butterflies seem attracted to?**