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My youngest daughter received something very interesting in the mail earlier this week and she wanted me to share it with you.

butterfly kit

Butterfly kit

Can you tell what it is?  You may have to enlarge the photo.

butterfly kit


Okay, I admit that they look a little gross.  There are 5 caterpillars in each container.

Why get caterpillars in the mail you may ask?

Well, my daughter received the following kit for Christmas….


I found this butterfly kit at Costco for about $15 and just had to buy it for her.  She has been waiting patiently until spring temperatures arrived so that she could start raising her own butterflies.

There is a coupon inside that you send in to receive 10 caterpillars in the mail to get started.  She was so excited to open the box when it arrived in the mail.  

According to the directions, the caterpillars eat the food on the bottom of the container and grow big, VERY quickly.

butterfly kit

In just two days, they were larger (compare with first photo above).

We keep the caterpillars indoors and the first thing every morning, the kids have to check to see how much bigger they have become.  

butterfly kit

Yesterday, some of them were already hanging from the underside of the lid and this morning they all were.  This means that they are ready to form their chrysalis.

Once they have all formed their chrysalis, we can then transfer the lids to the butterfly habitat.  It should be a couple of days before we do this.

My kids are not the only ones interested in the caterpillars…..so is our cat.  We did have a little incident when the cat knocked one of the containers to the floor but, all the caterpillars survived.


We will keep you updated….hopefully we will be able to move them to their new enclosure in a couple of days.

Have a great weekend!

We are off to our son-in-law’s birthday party 🙂

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