*Disclosure: I was given a free copy of this book in return for my honest have a narrow strip of land between the sidewalk and the curb? 

Do you have a narrow strip of land between the sidewalk and the curb? Many people do.

Have you ever looked at this area as an extension of your garden?  Oftentimes people ignore this strip of land that is often planted with a struggling lawn, overgrown tree or nothing at all.
What if people could see this often ignored area as an opportunity to increase curb appeal by adding attractive plants.  
Landscaping this area would also help your property to look larger.
This curbside bed was planted with a combination of edible and ornamental plants, which I think looked just lovely with the contrasting shapes and shades.
It was an unexpected sight in an area where there would usually be a patch of grass growing instead.
This is just one example of what you could plant in the area between the sidewalk and curb – referred to as a “hellstrip” by Evelyn Hadden, the author of “Hellstrip Gardening”.
As a child, I remember the beautiful roses we had growing in our hellstrip in front of our California home.  My dad was so proud of his roses and we would often cut off the perfect bloom to give to our teacher. 
I have been wanting to get my hands of Evelyn’s new book for a while now and was so excited to get the opportunity to review it.
The book is filled with beautiful illustrations and great ideas for creating beauty through plants in this strip of land that many of us have.
From edible gardens, perennial beds, pollination & hummingbird gardens – the possibilities are endless.  Suggestions for ground covers, trees as well as simply stunning creations using only 2 different types of plants make me wish that I had a hellstrip in front of my house.
In addition to examples of existing hellstrip gardens, the author also talks about certain challenges to growing plants in this area that is so close to the curb including utilities, easements, HOA’s, de-icing salts and more.
“Hellstrip Gardening” doesn’t restrict itself to the narrow strips of land between the sidewalk and curb, it also inspires the reader with ideas of landscaping similar areas around our homes and businesses.
Even if you do not have a hellstrip, you will get a lot out of reading this book.  I plan on using some of the ideas when I redesign our back garden this winter.
Timber Press, is hosting a Hellstrip Contest where you can win a $250 nursery gift card and a copy of the book.
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The contest closes July 6th.
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All you need to do is leave a comment – that’s it!
I’ll reveal the winner on July 10th.
Good Luck!

*I was provided a copy of this book free of charge for my honest review.
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Have you ever seen a miniature garden?  They are becoming very popular and are sometimes called ‘fairy gardens’. I must admit that I’ve been quite intrigued by them and so I was very excited with the publishers of “Gardening in Miniature” sent me a book, free of charge, for my honest review.
If you aren’t familiar with miniature gardens, it is helpful to think of them as large gardens shrunk down in size into a tiny world that fits into a single container.
If you like to peruse Pinterest, you have undoubtedly seen some great examples of miniature or fairy gardens.
I came upon a collection of miniature gardens for sale at an antique shop in upstate New York a couple of years ago.
They were planted in old enamelware pots and bowls.
As you can see, there is a pathway delineated by the larger pebbles, small fiber optic grasses, and a yellow viola in this garden.
This garden has a tiny shovel and watering can in it.  
For some people, the accessories are the most enjoyable part of creating a miniature garden.  I would probably be stuck in my local Michael’s or Hobby Lobby trying to decide what small accessories to include in my little garden.
I must admit that I have been thinking of creating my own miniature garden.  Imagine a tiny world neatly contained inside of a pot.  For those of you who experience cold winters, you can enjoy having a little garden indoors all winter long.
Have you considered trying to create a miniature garden?
Well, if you have – then I have a great book for you to read…
Gardening in Miniature by Janit Calvo is a visual feast of beautiful and unique little gardens.
Of course, there is much more than miniature garden photos.  The book has all the information you will need to create your own tiny garden.  From container selection, a list of plants, soil type and how to care for your little garden – this book covers it all.
A beautiful garden is well-designed and small gardens are no different.  Gardening in Miniature offers helpful advice on how to design your tiny garden using plants, pebbles, water features and adding small furniture or figurines.
Have you ever created your own miniature garden?
*I was given this book, free of charge, for my honest review.