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Have you ever seen the following sight when shopping at the nursery?

discarded plants

It just makes me want to cry.

Seriously, I just want to take them home, nurse them back to health and find good homes for them.

I do understand that nurseries probably have problems selling plants that are past their prime and have to remove them from the shelves.

But some nurseries just throw them out even though they can still be planted and in most cases, survive.

Some nurseries put these less then desirable plants in the back and sell them at a reduced price.  
Unfortunately, not all plants you find in nurseries (particularly big box stores) aren’t suitable for your climate.  In the shopping cart above, daffodils have a hard time growing in the desert – but it’s not impossible.  The primrose in the bottom, make great container plants in winter.

So, the next time you visit your favorite nursery, look in the back section, which is where the the discarded/discounted plants are likely to be found.  Maybe you can ‘rescue’ some plants and give them a good home 🙂

How about you?

Have you ever seen discarded plants at your nursery or do they sell them at a discount?