I hope you all enjoyed a wonderful Easter day.

Our family gathered at Double S Farms, which is where my mother, sister and her family reside.

We had delicious lasagna (courtesy of Costco), herb corn, artisan bread, salad and of course, dessert.  I love to make dessert, so I brought over a Lemon Trifle (made with crushed lemon sandwich cookies, lemon pudding, cream cheese, sugar and whipped topping).  I also made Easter nests filled with M&M’s (the nests were made from rice krispy treats and formed into a cupcake liner).

I had a great time with my mom, sisters, brother, kids, nieces and nephews.  We also spent the day with my cousin and her family.

Here is part of our day in pictures:

The men in the family typically hide the Easter eggs.
My husband puts out some eggs that will be easy to find for the younger kids.
My sister, Jennifer, is in charge of the hunt and checks to see where the eggs are being hid.
I love my sister.  We are only 16 months apart in age and she just moved down the street from us!
The peach trees make a great hiding place, as my brother-in-law discovered.
A peek over the backyard fence shows my mother’s two vegetable gardens.
For some reason, the women joined in hiding the Easter eggs this year.  Maybe the guys were taking too long?  The kids were having a hard time being patient.
Some of the hiding places were pretty ingenious.
The plum tree also makes a great hiding place.
My other brother-in-law decided to make it hard for the older kids.
My sisters, Jennifer and Grace.  Grace is a great photographer and blogs at  
My cousin, Laurena, and her family came.  Laurena and I grew up together in California.  She lived only 1 hour away when we were kids.  Now, we only live about 40 minutes apart in AZ.
A rose bush also makes a great hiding place.  This is the rose that I pruned back heavily a few years ago and blogged about it in “A Neglected, Overgrown Rose”
My sisters and I
Now the kids finally get to come and start the Easter egg hunt.  My nephews, Finley and Oliver are among the first out the door.
My mother, my son-in-law, daughter and granddaughter.  Next year, she will be old enough to participate in the hunt.
Some of the eggs were really hidden high up.  But that didn’t stop my cousin’s son.
Sometimes when you run very fast to find eggs; you fall – as my son Kai discovered.

Lily wouldn’t look up for the picture because she was interested in her egg.
My nephew, Finley, found a lot of eggs.
Linnea and Camille are my cousin’s twin daughters.
One of the last eggs, was found high up in the plum tree.
My mother, my son-in-law and my granddaughter, Lily.
Isn’t she simply darling?
My twin nephews also were ready to enjoy the Easter egg hunt.  This is Danny – doesn’t he look ‘spiffy’ in his Easter vest?
Here is the other twin, Dean.  He preferred to sit and enjoy his eggs.
It is so fun to see the older cousins take care of their younger cousins.
Cousins, Danny and Oliver, checking out what is in their eggs.
I hope you enjoyed the photos of part of our Easter day.
I hope your week is off to a great start!