I am particularly enjoying this morning.  After spending 3 days in a hotel while our house filled with 30 high-powered fans and 2 de-humidifiers, it is finally dry.

Unfortunately, we weren’t able to stay in our home during that time, but those fans produce a lot of heat and the interior temperatures of our house was 93 degrees.  Not to mention that fact that every we walked, we had to step over a fan.

My kitchen is also back into working order as well.  Now, we are waiting for the insurance company to send over a contractor to help repair the damage – new carpet, some cabinet repair, etc.

Okay, enough about the flood.  Now back to more important things.  Some of you may know my sister, Grace, who has her own blog.  She lives just five minutes away on Double S Farms along with my mother.

Grace is extremely creative and posts many DIY projects.  I thought that I would share a photo of one of her latest projects (for obvious reasons).

My granddaughter, Lily, is the model for my sister’s newest creation.
You can see how easy it is to create along with other Easter DIY projects.

I hope your week is going well so far.

We are making progress on our front garden renovation.  I will share soon!