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I would rather shop for plants then clothes.  Seriously….

So, I was so excited when it was finally time to buy the plants for our front landscape renovation.

My husband came with me (he usually does, because I am known to buy more plants then what is on my list).  My nephew, Kenny, also came with us because he loves to garden.

Plant Shopping for our front landscape renovation

Plant Shopping for our front landscape renovation

Because we were only renovating part of the front landscape, we didn’t have to buy a lot of plants.

I did purchase both purple and white trailing lantana, white gaura and gopher plant for the front garden and Arizona yellow bells and pink trumpet vine for the back garden.

Okay, I also bought a plant that wasn’t on my list – my husband left my side for 5 minutes, so it really wasn’t my fault 😉  But, I just couldn’t resist the fragrance of the pink jasmine vine and I have the perfect place for it (right next to my new vegetable garden, where it can grow along the fence).

Have you ever bought a plant that wasn’t on your list?

Whenever you have to buy many different plants; you usually will have to go to more then one nursery.

Plant Shopping for our front landscape renovation

 The nursery we visited didn’t have the desert marigold I wanted, which can be hard to find.  I also didn’t like the look of the 24″ box Desert Museum Palo Verde trees, so we bought a 15-gallon.

I realize that our new tree looks like a green stick with some leaves glued on it.  But, this type of palo verde grows very fast.

I also have a single desert marigold growing in my front garden and  they grow easily from seed.  So, I will just collect some seeds and plant them instead of searching other nurseries for the plants.

The front garden is progressing well.  We have added the boulders, have almost finished planting and have installed the drip-irrigation.

I am planting an octopus agave that I grew from a ‘pup’ and have also planted some of my artichoke agave pups.

Next, is to add the flagstone step stones and finally the gravel.

It will be so nice to be finished.

We did take a break this past week for a family gathering at Double S Farms….

twin nephews

My sister, Jennifer and I just love spending time with our twin nephews.  Before we know it, they will be too big for us to hold anymore 🙂


I have a lot to share with you this coming week.

Old and New Blend Together in My Backyard Landscape

We have been in the process of renovating our front landscape.  I must admit that it is a dirty job.

I have purposely not shown a picture of the area of my front garden that is directly in front of my house.  

I have shown photos of other areas of my front garden before…

dirty job

But, I have always avoided showing you the main part, because frankly, I didn’t really like it.

The reason is, is that I wasn’t particularly proud of it because it had a ‘kidney-shaped’ area of grass.  Now, there is nothing wrong with having grass growing in this shape, but it’s not my cup of tea.

Here is a partial picture of it that I had to take for an article.

dirty job

 Now, it looks like this…

My Artichoke Agave has had a lot of babies.  I will replant some, but need to find homes for the others

My Artichoke Agave has had a lot of babies.  I will replant some, but need to find homes for the others.

We have ripped out all of our grass in the front garden.

dirty job

And it is a dirty job…

dirty job

Off to the dump….

dirty job

Next we are working on creating contouring (mounds).

Then we will add boulders, plants and finally gravel.

My husband and two nephews have been working so hard on this project.

I will keep you updated to our progress.

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