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Joe Lamp'l

This week, I had the honor of interviewing Joe Lamp’l, host of the PBS series, ‘Growing a Greener World.’ Joe is a well-known figure in the gardening world and is frequently on NBC’s TODAY Show, ABC’s Good Morning America, The Weather Channel, etc. He has several popular books, podcast series, nationally syndicated newspaper column, and has recently launched the website, Joe Gardener where he shares his knowledge for both beginner and experienced gardeners alike.

Joe Lamp'l

Joe travels the country touring gardens for his show, and I always come away learning something new from each episode. Last year, he made several visits to the greater Phoenix area, and I asked him what surprised him the most about the Southwest? “I was surprised by the lushness of the landscape,” Joe says. “It caused a mind shift with its incredible diversity and lushness, which catches you off guard along with the unbelievable options and how beautiful it can be.”

Joe Lamp'l

His passion for gardening manifests itself through many mediums, and Joe is a passionate proponent of gardening naturally. “Feed the soil (with organic matter), and it will feed the plants,” he states. “Common mistakes that homeowners make is not mulching enough and reaching too quickly for chemical solutions to plant problems.” Through his podcasts, website, and show, Joe talks about natural solutions to common problems along with helpful tips toward a more sustainable garden.

When asked for advice for people new to gardening, Joe says, “New gardeners can sometimes be overzealous; planting too much, and water and fertilize their new plants too much, and as a result, become overwhelmed at the maintenance required. Instead, start out slowly and grow into it naturally. Get out and enjoy your garden regularly and keep an eye out for potential problems by being ahead of it.”



**For those of you who live in the greater Phoenix area, Joe Lamp’l will be giving a Water Conservation and Drip Irrigation Workshop at The Home Depot at 1545 S. Crismon Rd, Mesa, AZ 85209 on Saturday, June 24th. It begins at 10:00 and runs until 1:00. I highly encourage you to go and learn about ways to conserve water in your landscape and the latest developments in drip irrigation, including wifi-enabled controllers.**

I invite you to take some time to get to know Joe better through his show, podcasts, and website – you will learn and be inspired!