I didn’t set out to find a ‘secret’ gardening tool for my vegetable garden.  But, I often find myself finding other uses for tools that I often use for other things.

This ‘secret’ tool is one that I purchased to help me with my sewing, years ago.  I have had it for over 10 years and keep it in my hall closet.

So what is this ‘secret’ tool?

It is my yardstick….

My yardstick, which I no longer use for sewing by the way, is the perfect tool for not only measuring, but it also creates small furrows for seedlings.
I am sure that the creator of the yardstick never imagined people using it for creating furrows, do you?
It also makes spacing very easy for planting vegetable seeds and cloves of garlic.
I must admit that I am not the only one that finds my yardstick useful….
Years ago, my daughter, Gracie, found out that my yardstick also made a great ‘walking’ stick when she was 2 years old.
Later, she shared the benefits of the yardstick with her new little brother, Kai, shortly after we adopted him….
This is Kai’s second day at home after we returned from China from adopting him.  You can see that his feet are turned inwards.  He had surgery later, which repaired his feet.
She didn’t feel like sharing her yardstick, but she gave Kai a wooden spoon to play with.
So do you have a yardstick?

What do you use yours for?