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A few Saturdays ago, I woke up early in the morning instead of sleeping in.

I drove to a site in downtown Phoenix in order to participate in our local chapter of Keep America Beautiful.

The gate led into a 15-acre site on Indian School Road and Central Avenue.

Keep America Beautiful

This site is “the largest transformation of vacant land happening right now in the country.”

Other volunteers were trickling into the area and we met in the center where we were given t-shirts, tools and assignments.

Keep America Beautiful

TroyBilt, is a huge supporter of The Great American Clean-Up and they had TroyBilt  equipmen ready to be used to help clear weeds from the lot.

Over 4 million volunteers across the country, come together to help improve their community through a chapter of ‘Keep America Beautiful’.   

Keep America Beautiful

The focus is on “waste reduction, recycling, beautification and community greening.”

The available assignments that day included weeding, trash pick-up, painting and creating ‘art’ from recycled materials.

Keep America Beautiful

I volunteered to help paint picnic benches and raised garden beds.

Keeping America (and Phoenix) Beautiful

We used clear deck stain on all the wood surfaces.

I was able to make some new friends while we worked side by side.  

Keeping America (and Phoenix) Beautiful

After I had finished painting, I walked around seeing the other projects being done including some of the recycled art that will later be displayed at the site.

 recycled material

A group of girls were working hard on making a shield for a figure that was to be created out of recycled material.

This was the first time that I had participated in this kind of event and it was such a rewarding experience.

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