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My favorite season is fall.  What do I love about fall, you may ask?

It’s not the colorful leaves….

Autumn color in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina

Autumn color in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina

Now before you think I am crazy, let me explain…

Fall foliage begins to make it's appearance in Williamsburg, VA

Fall foliage begins to make it’s appearance in Williamsburg, VA.

I have never lived anywhere that had lots of trees turn color.

I grew up in Southern California and I now live in Arizona.

I do love visiting areas with lovely fall foliage, but I don’t connect fall with leaves turning color.

My favorite season

Fall signifies for me, the beginning of holidays AND cooler weather after a hot summer.

This year, we are hosting the entire family’s Halloween celebration at our house because we have the best neighborhood for trick-or-treating.

I have been hand-making some new Halloween decorations – some of which have turned out pretty good.

Monday, my mother is coming out and we are going to try making paper-mache pumpkins.

I’m not sure how they will turn out….but it will be fun to try.  I promise I’ll share our results ๐Ÿ™‚

All too soon, we will be hearing little ghosts and goblins come knocking at our door.

But unfortunately, we won’t be home.

You see, Halloween is a very fun holiday in our family and we spend it at Double S Farms.

Last year’s celebration was lots of fun….. 

Fun holiday

 As we walked in the door, we were greeted by the delicious scent of soup cooking.  

Fun holiday

My mother, always has a healthy dinner prepared since she knows we will be eating nothing but sweets later.

(Don’t you like her ‘fake’ tattoo sleeve?)

fun party favors

The table is set and there are fun party favors.

new ring

Do you like my new ring?  

Fun holiday

After dinner, but before trick-or-treating, it is time to play some games like throwing eyeballs into a pumpkin.

Fun holiday

It’s a lot harder then it looks.

Then, as if the kids won’t get enough candy while trick-or-treating….

Fun holiday

They get to try to hit the pinata, which is filled with candy.


The third pumpkin is carved into a “Mini-Cooper”, which is my nephew, Finley’s favorite car ๐Ÿ˜‰

Soon, it is time to venture out and go trick-or-treating.

Fun holiday

Fun holiday

I hope you all have a fun Halloween!