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I love Halloween…

homemade Halloween decorations

Every year, each household in our family takes turns hosting different holidays.

Easter and Christmas are spent on the family farm with my youngest sister, her family and my mother.

Fourth of July and Thanksgiving are spend at my other sister’s house.

But, Halloween is all mine…

homemade Halloween decorations

We don’t do scary Halloween themes.  The young kids in the family wouldn’t appreciate it and I must admit that I don’t like scary costume or movies.

What I do like to focus on is making family-friendly decorations and making desserts.

Each year, I like to add to my homemade Halloween decorations.  Last year, I made paper-mache pumpkins.

This time I made witches hats using paper plates and party hats.  Simply glue them together and spray with black spray paint.  I added some black lace around the brim.  I am pretty happy with how they turned out.

This year I made homemade marshmallow pops, dipped in candy melts and sprinkles.  

Halloween sugar cookies

I also made Halloween sugar cookies.

The table runner is made of butcher paper with Halloween stamps – I like simple.

Because Halloween is a night for eating lots of sugar, I always ask my mother to bring a healthy pot of soup for us all to share before heading out to trick-or treat.

One of the reasons that I enjoy Halloween so much is the excitement of the little kids as they dress up and get ready to head out.  They don’t want to bother with eating any dinner 😉

Tinker Bell costume

Here is my granddaughter, Lily, in her Tinker Bell costume.  Isn’t she cute?  My daughter made her costume 🙂


My daughter, Gracie, went as a medieval queen and my son, Kai, was a zombie like many boys his age this year.


My youngest sister and her family came ready to trick-or-treat.


My mother and I stayed by the fire pit in the front driveway and handed out candy.


My brother brought over my 3-year-old twin nephews who dressed up as sharks.


Lily could hardly wait to get started.


We spent much of the evening keeping warm by the fire while greeting a LOT of trick-or-treaters.

Halloween decorations

The best part of Halloween is seeing what types of candy you have received.

Lily kept playing with this lollipop without taking off the paper.  I really need to teach her about focusing on the chocolate candy bars 😉

Halloween decorations

We had a fun evening, but it was time to get the kids to bed.

Halloween decorations

And take down the Halloween decorations…

How did you spend your Halloween?

Did you have a nice Halloween?  Did you sneak a piece of candy from the bowl of candy you were handing out to trick-or-treaters?  Or maybe you take a piece or two or three from your kids?

I was so excited to be hosting our family’s annual Halloween party this year.

annual Halloween party

It was my granddaughter Lily’s first Halloween.  She missed Halloween by 3 days last year 😉

I had fun getting food ready before everyone came over…

annual Halloween party

‘Graveyard’ Guacamole.

Made with chopped olives and tortilla chips.

annual Halloween party

Pumpkin veggies.

Carrots with cucumbers.

annual Halloween party

‘Melted Witch’ cupcakes.

I used green and chocolate candy melts to make the ‘melted witch’ base.  Halloween Oreos and a Hershey’s Kiss made the hat.  A pretzel stick with molded lemon Starburst candies finished it off.

annual Halloween party

 Dessert Table.

annual Halloween party

Homemade Marshmallows Pops dipped in chocolate.

I used orange and chocolate candy melts to dip the marshmallows in.  Regular marshmallows from the store would work great for this too.

Our family get-togethers are often pot-luck and today was no exception.  My mom brought her delicious homemade chili.

Soon, it was time for the kids to get ready to go trick-or-treating…

annual Halloween party

My mother got her ‘witches’ costume ready.  Her twin grandsons weren’t quite sure who the witch was.  In fact, Danny (dressed as ‘Woody’) ran away and cried.

annual Halloween party

Even after she took off her mask and showed Danny that it was ‘grandma’ – he wouldn’t go near her until the end of the evening 😉

annual Halloween party

Aren’t they cute?

annual Halloween party

annual Halloween party

While the kids went trick-or-treating, some of us stayed behind to give out candy.

annual Halloween party

Gracie went for a little while and then decided to help give out candy while the other kids continued on.

Lily's first Halloween

Lily’s first Halloween was fun.  She gave her candy away to her young aunts and uncle.


Danny kept us on the edge of our seats because he kept pointing to the firepit and saying “Hot”.  Thankfully, he didn’t touch it.

classic VW Bug

The twins loved my daughter, Rachele’s, classic VW Bug.

my brother, Scott

Dean with his dad (my brother, Scott) decided to check out my husband’s new motorcycle.

My sister, Grace

My sister, Grace, and my mom were so much fun to hang out with.

annual Halloween party

We had a wonderful time even though our kids were crashing after their sugar-highs.

I can’t wait until next Halloween!

How about you?

What did you do for Halloween?


I must admit that my thoughts have strayed to thinking of those who have been affected by the terrible storm ‘Sandy’.  For those who are suffering from the devastating effects from the storm ‘Sandy’ – you can help by sending a donation to the Red Cross, which will go directly to those affected by ‘Sandy’.