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We recently returned from our vacation in Northern Arizona.

It was a great week and as always, we spent some time along the historic Route 66.

historic Route 66

Along the main road, I saw half-barrel planters with corn planted in them.

blue corn

As I looked more closely at the corn, I discovered that it was blue corn that was growing.

blue corn

Blue corn, or ‘Hopi’ corn has been grown in the Southwest for over 500 years.

It is used for making blue cornmeal, blue tortillas and chips.

I was also surprised to find that it also has a higher percentage of protein and iron then the more traditional yellow sweet corn.

I think that blue corn is rather pretty, don’t you?

To learn more about blue corn, check out this link.

I love the fun and interesting sights along the iconic Route 66.  You can view some of the fun and quirky things we saw along Route 66 here.