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Our New Year’s celebrations are usually spent at home, eating an extra nice dinner and enjoying game night playing our favorite board game, Ticket to Ride. Basically, it involves trains and moving across the U.S. I’ve never played a game that I like more and our friends and family agree.

New Year morning involves making deliciously sweet monkey bread and settling down to watch the Rose Parade with my mother and the kids. I remember going to the parade with my grandparents when they lived only blocks away and I enjoy reliving that memory every year when I watch a new one each year.

In regards to my garden, holiday activities mean that I don’t go outside in the garden much, but I do concentrate on my indoor garden that is located on my kitchen windowsill. I have amaryllis; a miniature rose, a single hyacinth bulb and a couple of succulents growing. But it doesn’t mind since the colder weather means that my plants don’t need much attention.

Even though it is winter, I will be concentrating my attention on the outside garden as January is the best time to prune back my roses as well as apple and peach trees. This is also the best time to add new roses and I have a fun project coming up with the folks at David Austin Roses, which I will share with you in a few weeks. 

Over the holidays, I was often asked about garden products that I recommend, so I have created a list of my favorites that I use myself. You can view them here, or by clicking the photo above.

I hope that you find the list helpful. There is a wide variety of items from books, garden wear, fertilizers, tools, and so much more. It is also a great way to help support the blog at no extra expense to you if you purchase an item.


I have a special project that I’ve been working for the past several months. It is almost ready to debut, but until it does, I’ll give you an early peek at part of the logo:

I promise to let you know all the details very soon!

With the dawn of the New Year, I am excited about possible changes to my back garden (maybe grass removal), new roses, lots of travel, a new venture, and of course, writing this blog, which is so near and dear to my heart.

What are you excited about in this coming year?


Do you love tulips?

How about daffodils, hyacinths or muscari?

Now, if you live in the desert like me, you probably only see these beautiful, flowering bulbs when you are traveling to cooler climates.

So, I was excited when I was contacted by Living Gardens and asked to try growing their Deluxe Dutch Garden.

Imagine different types of flowering bulbs grouped together into one basket.  It is like having an entire garden!

These bulbs have been ‘forced’ into blooming early by refrigerating the bulbs before planting them in their containers and mailing them to you.

I was so excited when my Deluxe Dutch Garden came in the mail.

The bulbs had begun to grow already.  They were yellow because they hadn’t been exposed to sunlight.  Rest assured, once they get some sun, they will green up very fast.

Believe it or not, there are six different varieties of flowering bulbs for a total of 16 bulbs in this basket container.

The blooms will not appear all at once.  Flowers will appear in succession, which will give me a long time to enjoy their beauty and fragrance.

In 2 weeks, flowers were already starting to appear.

These small white flowers are from miniature ‘Star of Bethlehem’.  

The muscari are also beginning to bloom.  I love their delicate beauty.

I can’t wait to see what else starts to grow and bloom in my Deluxe Dutch Garden basket – especially tulips!

Living Gardens imports bulbs from all over the world, many from family-run farms.  They offer many different types of bulb gardens, sure to please anyone who wants a bright spot of color to enjoy indoors during winter.

So, whether you live in the desert where these flowering bulbs can be hard to find OR if you live in a cold climate and are desperate for some sign of spring – then a container filled with flowering bulbs is just right for you.

I recommend visiting Living Gardens and seeing all that they have to offer.  I am sure you will enjoy your container garden filled with forced bulbs as much as I do mine!

**I was given a Deluxe Dutch Garden, free of charge to review.  My opinions are my own.