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The temperatures outside are not just chilly – they are COLD (21 degrees outside yesterday morning in my garden).  

You may recall that I wrote about picking the green tomatoes off my vines a few weeks before the first frost appeared.  

I had quite a few.

My Green Tomatoes

Well, I decided to let them ripen indoors. So, I placed the tomatoes on a cookie sheet and left them alone.

And this is what they look like four weeks later.

My Green Tomatoes

They are starting to ripen!

Every day as I check on them, I find more starting to turn yellow and then red.

I love that you can pick unripened tomatoes and let them ripen on their own.

If I had left them on my tomato vine, they would have frozen during our first freeze of the season.

Now, we can enjoy them in salads or even in making pasta sauce 🙂