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A few weeks ago, I introduced a new feature called “AZ Plant Lady Drive By”, where I show a photo of a landscape that I have driven by that has something wrong.

My goal is to help you avoid making the same mistake in your own landscape.

The response to my last one was overwhelming, so here is a new one for you to see if you can tell what is wrong.

Are you ready?

wrong with the landscape

As you can see, the landscape is well maintained.  But, there is one problem.

Leave a comment, with your guess about what is wrong with this landscape and I will post the answer in my next post.

bad landscaping

Often, after I finish with a landscape consult, I drive through the neighborhood and capture examples of good and often bad landscaping.

I do this so that I can use these photos to help you to avoid mistakes in your own landscape.

So, what do you think is wrong with the landscape above?

Please leave your comments and I’ll give you the answer tomorrow….