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new vegetable garden, New Seeds
p class=”has-text-align-center” style=”font-size:14px;”> Beginning of my new vegetable garden for new seeds

This is the ‘beginning’ of my new vegetable garden!

It’s also my Christmas/Birthday gift from my husband.

I love my existing vegetable garden, but every year, I wish that I had more space to grow more vegetables.  After all, I have five kids and four of them are still living at home and they all like vegetables.

The garden will be raised, so we visited our local big box store (whose initials are THD).  We purchased compost, aged steer manure, wood for the sides of the garden, slats for the garden fence (to keep the dogs out), rebar to build supports for shade cloth in the summer, fasteners, bone meal, blood meal and irrigation supplies.

My sister and my two strong nephews came over yesterday to help us.  My nephews are 15 & 17 years old and have tons of energy, which is so welcome to this 46 year old 😉

My granddaughter, Lily, also came out to see what we were doing, but she found it a bit boring….

existing vegetable garden

So, she stayed on the patio, next to my existing vegetable garden.

The quilt in the photo above, was made for my oldest daughter (Lily’s mother) by my mother.  Now Lily gets to use it.

The garden is progressing very well.  It is now day two and we are finished digging up the top 8 inches of existing soil.  My husband will be building the frame for the garden today and we’ll start to add the compost and manure and mix in with the existing soil.

Stay tuned for our progress.

I am just so excited!

I can’t wait to plant my new seeds next week!!!

Vegetable Garden Progress