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Friends and family know that I cannot pass up a bargain.  I come from a long line of bargain hunters as my mother will attest to 🙂

I do love designer quality, but rarely (if ever) pay full price.

This extends to buying plants.  One of my favorite plants is called ‘Lavender Lace’.  

Lavender Lace

This plant is a beautiful, flowering trailing lantana that has two different colored flowers.

I remember when I first saw this plant growing in a landscape.  I had to stop my car and take a closer look.

Since then, I have only rarely seen it in landscapes.  But, I knew I wanted it when we re-landscaped our front garden.

We did see it at our favorite nursery and I was so excited.

Until I saw the $25 price tag….

Even though we had enough money to buy this ‘designer’ plant – I just couldn’t make myself purchase them.

*The reason I wouldn’t buy them was because I knew that I could replicate the look of the ‘Lavender Lace’ Lantana for a fraction of the cost.

Here is my version of this ‘designer’ plant…

Lavender Lace

My ‘knock-off’ looks pretty good, doesn’t it?

It was absurdly easy to do.

Here’s how:

Simply take a 1-gallon Purple Trailing Lantana AND a 1-gallon White Trailing Lantana and plant them next to each other in the same hole.

That’s it.  As they grow, the purple and white flowers will intermingle with each other.

I love the effect of these two colors together.

AND, what I love even better is that I was able to achieve the same effect as ‘Lavender Lace’ Lantana for $4 instead of the $25 dollar ‘designer’ price tag.

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