I enjoy growing vegetables in both my garden and in containers.  While some of my containers are rather traditional, one of mine is not.

This was one of my favorite projects because it was an unexpected sight for visitors to my vegetable garden.
While you would expect to see leaf lettuce poking up from a grocery bag – you certainly don’t expect to see it growing inside of one.
This is a very simple DIY project, which are the kinds that I like best.
You can grow many different types of vegetables in a grocery bag.  Would you consider doing this in your own garden?

You’ll probably never guess what I am growing in a recyclable bag…

So what made me think of growing lettuce in a grocery bag?
Well, it wasn’t my idea.  I actually saw an article about it and thought it would be fun to try in my own garden and share with you.
Here is how I did it:
I took my recyclable grocery bag and made a few little holes on the bottom, using scissors, for drainage.
Then I placed the bag where I wanted in the garden.  It is hard to move after you fill it with soil.
I filled the bag with planting mix and then planted my lettuce transplants.  Of course, you can simply plant lettuce seeds instead.
Add slow-release fertilizer because all vegetables need fertile soil.
Then water.  I simply put a drip emitter on my new lettuce planter. 
I love how it looks and just a few weeks after planting, I can already pick lettuce.
So how about you?  Is this something you would like to try?