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Red Globe Mallow

I absolutely love this shrub.  It flowers for me fall through spring.  Normally, Globe Mallow (Sphaeralcea ambigua) is seen with orange flowers.  However, there are some varieties that produce red, purple, pink, white or coral flowers.  

Red Globe Mallow

I have posted about this native desert plant previously and you can read more here if you like. 

This fall, I harvested seeds from my Red Globe Mallow and I would like to offer some to those of you who are kind enough to read my blog.

Please keep in mind that Globe Mallow is native to the southwestern regions of the United States and therefore is used to a somewhat dry climate with warmer winters.  I have also listed the following for you to look over in order to help you decide if Globe Mallow will grow and thrive where you live:

– Globe Mallow are hardy to approximately 20 degrees F.

– They grow to approximately 3′ x 3′.

-Globe Mallow require full sun – no shade.

-They are extremely drought-tolerant, so should not be located in a wet area. 

-Globe Mallow attracts both hummingbirds and butterflies.

-Does best without fertilizer.

Red Globe Mallow

My Red Globe Mallow is located nearby some pink and white varieties as well, ( I don’t have any seeds from these yet), and cross-pollination does occur.  So, some of the seeds may produce Globe Mallow shrubs that produce flowers other then red.   And so…be prepared for a surprise ;^)

Obviously, I don’t have enough seeds to give to everyone.  So, I will send seeds to the first 10 people who request them.  Be sure to leave a comment and then email me your address using the email link on my blog.

I can’t wait to share the seeds with you.  This plant is extremely easy to start from seed and I am always pulling out volunteers that come up all over my garden.

I hope you are all having a great weekend!