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Okay, you are probably wondering what on earth I am talking about when I mention a toad, Star Wars and a chicken coop in a single post.  And if you aren’t curious…..you can stop here 😉

This is a story of a toad that is called “Jabba the Hut” after the infamous Star Wars character who lives in a chicken coop.  My post title makes sense now, doesn’t it?

Both of my nephews are extreme Star Wars fans and love collecting the Star Wars Lego figurines.  My youngest nephew is only 3 years old and he named the toad, “Jabba the Hut”

Chicken Coop

So, where exactly does Jabba the Hut live exactly?

Jabba the Hut

He lives in a moist area by the Elm tree.

Jabba the Hut

Can you see him?

Chicken Coop

The chickens don’t seem to mind him sharing their yard.

Jabba the Hut likes to burrow into the moist soil during the day and comes out at night.

It was still hard to really see him and so I tried to coax him out…  

Jabba the Hut

If you have never seen a toad looking cranky, here is your chance.

Jabba definitely did not enjoy all of the attention…..I think we woke him up a bit early.

Jabba the Hut

I am a strong proponent of leaving wild animals alone, but I think I failed in this instance in my desire to take some pictures of Jabba to share with all of you.

He definitely did not enjoy all of the attention…..

Jabba the Hut

I think that he decided to start his night time escapades early and get away from us.

Jabba the Hut

You can why my nephew thought of the name “Jabba the Hut”.  There is definitely a resemblance 😉

***More about “Jabba theHut”***

Mr. Toad is a Sonoran Desert Toad.  They are quite active during our summer monsoon season.

They eat quite a lot of insects and keep to themselves.  Do not pick them up, since they secrete a poisonous substance through their skin.  Be sure to wash your hands thoroughly if you do happen to touch one.

When we lived in Phoenix, we saw quite a few toads during the summer months.  It wasn’t unusual to see 3 to 5 in our front yard.  We lived in a neighborhood that had flood irrigation, which may have been why we had so many.

So, have you seen any toads out and about?

A Pair of Boots and an Empty Chicken Coop….