I like the word ‘deluge’.  I think that it accurately describes what happened at our house a couple of weeks ago.

So, why am I just now writing about it?

Well, I must admit that I am keeping my head above water, so to speak 😉  I am still recovering my strength after suffering from the flu (I have been needing a nap everyday).

I have also been busy with consults now that the weather is cooling again and people actually want to go out in their gardens.

Okay, so back to our ‘deluge’.

We get periods of torrential rain during our summer monsoon season.  But, what happened on this Friday morning was quite impressive.

The Lantana in the front entry were absolutely drenched.
Homes don’t have gutters where I live, so the rain drips from the eaves.
Our new flagstone pathway channeled the water into the street. 
Our newly re-landscaped front garden enjoyed the rainfall.  I was happy to see how the rain also pooled around our new Desert Museum Palo Verde tree, watering it deeply.
I wish I could say that our back garden weathered the ‘deluge’ as well as the front garden. 
But, we definitely need to work on channeling the water away from the patio….
Thankfully, my 20-year old daughter, Rachele, and my teenage nephew were on hand to scoop the excess water with buckets out onto the grass.
(The water got too close to the back doors for comfort).
We will be making a shallow channel along the front of the patio and toward the side gardens, where the excess water will drain out to the front. 
I have had the pleasure of meeting a few readers of my blog when I came to do a landscape consult for them.
I enjoy meeting you in person and seeing your gardens for myself.
Have a great week everyone! 

On most April days, you will find me in the garden.  Okay, I don’t necessarily work in my garden on every April day, but I pause to look at my vegetable garden when I let the dogs outside or sometimes I see if there are any new rose buds on my Abraham Darby or Graham Thomas rose bushes.

But not today.  I didn’t even let the dogs outside… husband did.  But if you are thinking that I must be quite lazy, I must tell you that I did go to the gym this morning 🙂

Today, the rain is softly falling, which is quite unlike the torrential rains that we experience in the summer….. 

Heavy Summer Rainfall

On days like today, I love how the raindrops give my plants another type of beauty….
Raindrops pool in the center of Nasturtium leaves in my vegetable garden.
Have you ever wondered why raindrops coat some types of plants differently?
Tiny raindrops cover the leaves of my Cascalote tree.
The colorful brachts (the colorful part) of my Bougainvillea shrub are covered in raindrops.  You can just barely see the tiny cream-colored Bougainvillea flower starting to peak out. 

The colorful brachts of Bougainvillea look especially beautiful.
Now, most desert dwellers will tell you that they enjoy rainy days, especially since we do not get too many of them. 
Raindrops cover the long leaves of Agave desmettiana.
All too soon the rain storms will cease until our summer monsoon season starts in July.  For me, it is an excuse to stay indoors and bake something.  
I think oatmeal chocolate chip cookies sound good, don’t you?