There is just something about the miraculous transformation that a caterpillar undergoes resulting into a beautiful creature.  I think that is what continue to amaze us, even as adults.  

 Painted Lady
Last spring, my kids and I raised butterflies ourselves using a kit that I had found at Costco.  
 My daughter, Gracie, getting ready to let her butterflies free.
It was so much fun seeing them transform before our eyes and then getting ready to let them go.
It is hard for me to think of them as insects…..
I don’t particularly enjoy holding caterpillars in my hand, but I find intense enjoyment when a butterfly alights on my hand.
It is sometimes hard for me to get a good picture of a butterfly…..
Swallowtail feeding upon Lantana.
Believe me, I have tried, but they usually turn out blurry, like the one above.
Butterflies do not seem to understand that they need to sit still so that I can get the ‘perfect’ shot with my camera 😉
Thankfully, there are always butterfly pavilions at our local botanic garden where the butterflies are content to stay still so that I can take their picture…..
How about you?  
Have you had luck taking pictures of butterflies? 


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