One of my absolute favorite plants is my Lantana ‘Patriot Desert Sunset’.  And so this is the plant I chose for my first contribution to my friend Noel’s, monthly meme, “The Hot, the Loud and the Proud”.
The theme is to showcase a tropical or exotic plant with bright colors and/or combinations.  The plant does not have to be in your garden, but these Lantana have a high profile place in my front garden.
 This photo is one of the first Patriot Desert Sunset Lantana I grew on  the golf course.

My first experience with this low-growing shrub was when I used it in containers around the golf courses I worked on.  I used it as a summer annual and it thrived in the hot sun. 

Once summer was over and I was getting ready to take the Lantana out and replace them with winter annual flowers, I just couldn’t throw them away.  So, I planted them in feature areas around the golf courses, below.

They were a huge hit and for nine months out of the year, a reliable source of bright color.  Butterflies were also attracted to the Lantana in large numbers.

I also brought some of the extra Lantana home and planted them in my front garden.  Some I located in full sun and a few I put under the shade of my Sissoo tree.  Now, Lantana do best in full sun, but will suffer from frost damage in our area during the winter.  My Lantana under my tree, do not flower as prolifically as the ones in full sun, but they do flower year round since they are protected from the frost from the tree canopy.

This is my Lantana growing underneath my tree.  The photo was taken in January.
This is an extremely easy plant to grow.  I did not amend the soil and they received no fertilizer.  In fact many people would be surprised to find out that if you fertilize Lantana, you will actually decrease flower production, but you have lots of beautiful green leaves.
Anyone can grow this Lantana, even if you live in a more temperate climate.  You can always grow it as a summer annual.  They do great in pots or in the ground and grow very quickly.
So, if you are looking for a bright spot of color in your garden, try out this Lantana.  If your nursery does not carry them, there are many mail-order nurseries that carry this beautiful plant.
Please visit Noel’s wonderful blog, A Plant Fanatic In Hawaii, which features so many beautiful plants and to see a list of other participants in “The Hot, the Loud and the Proud”.