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While we are in the midst of the dog days of August, it is easy to get discouraged when I look out into my garden.  Now, that doesn’t mean that my garden looks bad….actually just the opposite.  Many of my plants are in full bloom with lush, green growth.  It is the lush, green growth that discourages me because my plants are calling to me to come outside and prune them.

Well, what is wrong with that?  Well, it is still rather hot outside and I am so much more comfortable indoors with my best summer friend – my air conditioner.  But, I promise I will soon venture outdoors again.  

Meanwhile, there are many things this August that bring me joy….

Double S Farms

Although this photo is rather blurry, it shows my son, Kai, running again – chasing his cousin.  Earlier this summer, he was unable to walk as he recuperated from hip surgery.  He is almost back to normal, which is wonderful especially since he loves to run.

Double S Farms

Farm fresh eggs from my sister’s wonderful hens at Double S Farms. 

Double S Farms

My daughter, Gracie, picking out sunflower seeds to roast.

Double S Farms

Sitting in the garden at Double S Farms, watching a tumbleweed roll by as the temperatures cool down as a monsoon storm approaches.

Double S Farms

Toads that venture out when the rain arrives.

full bloom

Deciding what to plant this fall in our vegetable garden.

full bloom

The first day of school for Gracie, Ruthie and Kai.

full bloom

Teaching a beginner’s vegetable gardening class this past weekend.

Now the most important joy of August, is the celebrating of new life.

Some of you may be familiar with my sisters whose gardens I sometimes feature.  Well, I also have a brother.

'Double S Farms

Me, Daisy Mom of ‘The Refuge’, Chicken Farmer & Pastor Farmer of ‘Double S Farms’.

This past Saturday, we all gathered together to celebrate the coming birth of my brother and his wife’s twin boys.

twin boys

The babies are due in October, but may make their appearance in September.

I love baking

Two little baby birds nestled in toasted coconut on top of white chocolate cream cheese frosting……I love baking.

It was a special day with family and friends.  Many people had created beautiful handmade gifts for the babies.  I can hardly wait for them to arrive.

I am grateful for the joys that August has brought, but I am looking forward to what the fall is bringing….

full bloom

….a trip to the east coast,

planting my vegetable garden,

 two speaking engagements,

and most importantly….

 being able to hold my two baby nephews 🙂


It is not too late to create your own bouquet for this month’s MGB.  

I would love to see what flowers are growing in your garden.