Guess What Came In the Mail?

I have been waiting, rather impatiently I might add, for a certain item in the mail - a magazine with my published article!

And, I am happy to say that it arrived a couple of days ago....

Here it is!

Although, I have written articles for magazines before - but this is the first one that I wrote for a national magazine.

Last year, I was asked by the editor of Birds & Blooms magazine to write two articles for their magazine this year.  (I do write twice a week for their blog).

This is the first article, which is about 'companion gardening'.  

I practice 'companion gardening' in my own garden and have written smaller articles about it, including posts on this blog.  

But, I did do some additional research for this article and was pleasantly surprised to find out more combinations and practices that use combining certain plants together that benefit each other.

I wrote this article from a hotel room back in March, while we were temporarily evacuated from our house when it flooded.

The next article is due out next month and is about 'drought-tolerant' gardening.

**Birds & Blooms is a Reader's Digest publication.  I have found it at my local Kroger's grocery store as well at Barnes & Noble.

Of course, you can always subscribe to it.  It has lots of great gardening ideas and DIY projects. 

**If you would like to order an individual issue, you can get one here :-)


Terra said...

What a thrill to hold the issue in your hands, with your article in it. I write for magazines too and it is exciting when the issue arrives in the mail.
I love your two topics. That is a beautiful magazine.

Balisha said...

Noelle...I just picked the magazine up. I'll have to check it out tonight.

Bernie H said...

Congratulations on your published articles. I have no doubt they will be beneficial and informative to all the readers. Well done.

A Daughter of the King said...

Congrats! It looks beautiful. I can't wait to read it!

Noelle said...

Thank you so much!

Balisha - I hope you like it :-)

Terra - What magazines do you write for?

Noelle :-)

Candy "Sweetstuff" said...

Congratulations to you! What a wonderful article. I will have to check it out!

Patti said...

Congratulations, and wishing you many more national publications. Great Job! :)

Grace said...

Yay, Noelle! That is awesome. So proud of you.

Dusty River Gardens said...

That is awesome. I love it...


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