Landscape No-No: What's Wrong With This Plant?

Are you the type of person that notices what is wrong more then what is right?

Although I would describe myself as having an outlook as a "glass half-full" and tend to observe the positive - it doesn't carry over when I look at landscapes.

I think that it is because I am supposed to find problems and help people avoid or fix them.

A few weeks ago, I shared my first "Landscape No-No" post, which showcased a common mistake people make with drip emitter placement and trees.

My hope is that by sharing some "Landscape No-No's" that I will be able to help you avoid making the same mistakes in your garden.

This time, I am showing you a picture from a landscape consult that I did a few years ago.

This featured "Landscape No-No"  is from a consult I did years ago.  The homeowner was very excited to show me his newly landscaped front yard.

However, I did find a few problems, including this one along the pathway to his entry...

Can you tell what is wrong?

Hint: The plant in the middle is a 'Torch Glow' Bougainvillea.

I would love to hear your thoughts about what the problem is in the area above.

Please come back for a visit next time, when I will explain why this is a "Landscape No-No" and show you another photo of another problem with this newly landscaped garden.


I hope you all have a great start to your week!


Nicole said...

Well, apart from the thorns near the walkway, its just not a very attractive arrangement!

Nicole said...

Also of course Torch Glow grows more
like a shrub rather than vining up the wall.

A Daughter of the King said...

My impression would be that the scale is off. the plant is too close to a walkway and will cause crowding for the walk as well as the other plants.

Peggi said...

My guess would be that the area is too small for the plant. Looks like a sidewalk that will soon be covered by the plant.


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