10 Best Plants for the Southwestern Landscape

A few weeks ago, I was asked by one of my editors to come up with a list of the top 10 plants that every resident of the Southwest should consider adding to their landscape.

I must admit that the task was a bit daunting at first - not because I couldn't think of enough plants.  The problem was that my list was much larger.

I had to pare my list down and decided to focus on plants that would grow in zones 7 - 10, which cover much of the desert Southwest.  In addition, they had to be low-maintenance, native, beautiful and easy to grow.

After considering all of the criteria, I still had about 20 plants.  So, I added one other criteria of my own - how easy is it to find at your local nursery?

At the end, I had 10 plants that I was very happy with - but I could have easily added a lot more ;-)

I hope you enjoy reading through this list of 10 essential plants for the desert Southwest.  

*I'd love to hear what plants you would include in your list of 10 favorites.

1 comment:

Jean Campbell said...

Two from your list are plants that do well here in the Coastal South: Gulf Muhly and Tecoma stans.


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