No Snow….

amateur photographer

It is rare that we receive any snow in the Phoenix metro area where I live.  I have enjoyed living vicariously through many of you who have posted pictures of your beautiful snowy wonderlands.   So, unlike many of you, I do not have any beautiful photos of snowy landscapes to share.  But I do offer the following pictures of my world, taken by my husband who is an amateur photographer.

amateur photographer

A building in Old Town, Scottsdale, Arizona.  Some snow does fall in the upper elevations of Scottsdale, but rarely sticks to the ground.

A couple of time a year the outer areas of Phoenix receive snow and  there is a lot of fuss made over it….everyone runs outside to see it before it stops.  The news reporters are out in full force to cover the fact that there is snow.  Of course, it usually does not stick to the ground and what does melts quickly.

amateur photographer

A farmer in Gilbert, Arizona in the early morning.  It does not snow here….

We live inside of a valley edged with mountains.  A few times a year, they are covered in snow.  There is just something so beautiful about snowy mountains with Saguaro cactus covered with a dusting of snow.  

amateur photographer

A new morning dawns over the Superstition Mountains.  A few times a year, these mountains are dusted with snow.

In a perfect world, I would have one week of snow at Christmas.  I  would play outside with my children and enjoy the beauty of my snow-covered garden.  But, the reality is is that we have to drive 1 1/2 hours to get to the snow, which we will do in January so the kids can play in the snow.

Grand Canyon

The South Rim of the Grand Canyon.

The Grand Canyon does receive a lot of snow, but we usually only visit in the summer. 

I grew up in Los Angeles, so have never had a “White Christmas”.  That is probably a good thing you see, because then I don’t know what I am missing…..

I promise you this though….if we get that rare snowfall, I will be one of those crazy people running outside to enjoy what little snow falls and take as many pictures as I can before it all melts away….

I Have a Confession To Make…

Noelle Johnson, aka, 'AZ Plant Lady' is a author, horticulturist, and landscape consultant who helps people learn how to create, grow, and maintain beautiful desert gardens that thrive in a hot, dry climate. She does this through her consulting services, her online class Desert Gardening 101, and her monthly membership club, Through the Garden Gate. As she likes to tell desert-dwellers, "Gardening in the desert isn't hard, but it is different."
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  1. Carol
    Carol says:

    Noelle the photo your hubby took of the dawn landscape is so stunning. Who needs snow with this beauty! You can have it when you want by driving only one hour and a half… not bad! Beautiful photos!! Kudos to your husband. Happy Winter Solstice! Carol

  2. T Opdycke
    T Opdycke says:

    Thank you for sharing your sweeping vistas and coloful mesas. There is beauty everywhere we look, sometimes it's just finding the time to look.

    Have a joyful holiday, Noelle.

  3. Northofsweden
    Northofsweden says:

    No snow, but a wonderful landscape you fot out there! I´ve just finished shuffling 10" snow from the frontyard. But I love winters with lots of snow. If you`ve grown up in such climat you can´t live without it. Merry Chrismas to you! We celebrate at 24 of December. Odd Swedes you know.

  4. Nell Jean
    Nell Jean says:

    I've known only the occasional snow, more frequently we used to get ice storms which disabled the entire city. I'm glad to be now where snow and sleet is virtually unknown. It's much better on a picture postcard, believe me.

  5. Lucy Corrander
    Lucy Corrander says:

    Seems to me that everything there is beautiful.

    Isn't that a wonderful photo of the tractor? Well, they are all wonderful photos.

    Does your husband have a blog too?

    And as for running out to see the snow – we do that too on the South Coast of Engand. Too much salt in the air and generally too warm to have more than . . . say seven flakes . . . but we treasure them!

    As a child I sometimes couldn't go to school because of snow . . . (I lived elsewhere then.) I like snow! . . . But I like your blue skies too . . . and your canyon . . .

    I doubt I'll be back for a few days so HAPPY CHRISTMAS when it comes.


  6. Kate
    Kate says:

    No snow – lucky you. 🙂

    I was sitting in your Phoenix airport earlier this morning – way early, 6 a.m. Getting the last available flight back to Salt Lake City (eastern snow storms were making a mess of my travels.)

    Anyhoo… that made me think of you so I wanted to stop over and say hi – and to mention how summery it still feels in your hometown.

    After battling the weather for the last 24 hours I think you're very, very lucky!

    Gorgeous pics. Happy Holidays!

  7. fairegarden
    fairegarden says:

    Oh so beautiful, Noelle! The mood is enchanted, with the desert and the mountains. When we lived in Fullerton, having moved there from snowy PA, we often drove to Big Bear just to experience the cold and see a few real trees. It just depends on what you have become acclimated to. I would like to see the Grand Canyon some day. 🙂

  8. leavesnbloom
    leavesnbloom says:

    oh such beautiful landscapes you have. I would love to see a cactus with a dusting of snow. 1.5 hours is by car? sometimes we travel that distance further north for the snow too. One of my dreams would be to visit the Grand Canyon one day.

  9. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    GORGEOUS photos Noelle. I think white Christmas's are totally overrated! ha. I wouldn't mind going a couple holidays without snow. Isn't it funny? I keep saying I'm moving somewhere warm but haven't yet. Someday…

    ps. Thanks for your comment on my new orchid. I'm new to growing orchids too ~ got my first one last year on sale (because I was afraid I might kill it & at full price that would make me feel guilty). Now that it's thriving and I am feeling more confident, I'll happily accept gifts like the one I got. Good luck with yours and happy holidays too!

  10. Grace Peterson
    Grace Peterson says:

    Hi Noelle~~ Trust me, snow is overrated!!! It has its beauty but you really aren't missing anything. I think the building in Scottsdale is close enough to a white Christmas. Kudos to hubby for gorgeous photos!

  11. Bay Area Tendrils Garden Travel
    Bay Area Tendrils Garden Travel says:

    When I spotted a dusting of snow along the highway into San Francisco a year or so ago, I thought I'd faint!
    Hadn't seen any since I left Chicago.
    The desert landscape is awe-inspiring – a beauty to behold. I'll check back to see if any snow happens to fall … Warm holiday hugs ;D

  12. Joanne
    Joanne says:

    Wonderful Photos do thank your husband for sharing them with us. I am glad you have no snow I wish it would go hear. I slipped down yesterday and had a bad bump to my head. Still feel wuzy head today but hopefully it will soon pass. So snow is not all it is made out to be.
    Have a lovely Christmas.

  13. Christine
    Christine says:

    Love those landscape shots! I know what you mean about never experiencing snow. As a California girl finding myself in Stockholm for 6 months, I didn't know the wonders of walking across an empty field with large flakes softly falling around me. I also didn't know how much slushy season sucks… Since then I've learned not to stray too far!

  14. LeSan
    LeSan says:

    Noelle you did it again. You have taken some of the most amazing photographs of Arizona's great beauty. These are just beautiful!

    I for one am wishing for snow for you. I know first hand what a truly magical feeling that is when it snows where no one expects it. I have seen a few of those there in my time and yes, I too was out there like running around like I'd lost my mind. Certainly my dignity was long gone.

    I would like to wish you and your family a very Happy Merry Christmas. I hope you all enjoy a beautiful day full of love and joy. Oh, and maybe some snow too.
    Hey, you never know… 😉

  15. debsgarden
    debsgarden says:

    Your world does not need snow to be beautiful. It is a special place on earth. Who could not love nature and long to garden in such an environment? Thank you for this special post.

  16. Janet
    Janet says:

    Noelle, your photos are breathtaking! The blue sky in the top photo is so rich and! Snow is fun to see–when it is clean and white and you don't have to drive anywhere. Once the hard icy crust forms and it is dirty and slushy…you want it to go away.
    Merry Christmas to you! Slowly making my way through postings that I missed….!! oh so many….

  17. Rose
    Rose says:

    Such beautiful photos, Noelle! I visited the Superstition Mountains last December with my daughter. A lovely, scenic area, but those sharp dropoffs on the road made me grip the doorhandle for most of the ride:) I love a white Christmas, but after that I'd be happy to see it all melt! You may gaze longingly at our snow right now (actually, we have rain at the moment!), but we all will be envying your sunny skies and warm temperatures in January and February:)

    Wishing you a Merry Christmas!

  18. Yan
    Yan says:

    Stunning. I particularly like the sky over the superstition mountains, even the name gives a spine tingle. Hope you and your family have a lovely Christmas and enjoy the snow holiday later in the year. Yan

  19. tina
    tina says:

    Now if we all had a perfect world the little work we have to do to enjoy life's small pleasures would be wasted and life wouldn't be so fun would it? The drive to see snow much be wonderful since you are so close yet have beautiful sunsets all the time-sans snow and the cold I am thinking. It is mighty cold here give me the sun:) Have a great New Year.

  20. Msrobin
    Msrobin says:

    If you had snow every day, all winter long, every year, you wouldn't love it so! It's cold, let me tell you! That photo of the Superstition Mountains is gorgeous, love it.

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